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On francois we are here still in santa demilio in wine country but em we find ourselves almost driving in beer as well. We'll get we'll get to that later on not quite literally bought. That doesn't make a bit good the already. It's just so beautiful. Beautiful things happened here put too much. Yeah anyway we'll get onto that story behind the anyway ebb. Today stays the wine. The wine trial. That time trustees. We're going to hear from wine. Fan leuchter bridge a little bit later on going to hear from some other writers as well. It wasn't quite the stage we had lost year am the penultimate stage of lassie's two fronts. The time charlton la plunged fee the incredible turnaround of course rogue lich looking. Like he was gonna win the tiny pug hr and turning things around and now today. He woke up really. All you had to do was get ryan safely. Really and he was going to win is going to win his second third fronts and the question is suppose. We're going to be asking tonight. And tomorrow is are we now in the jar. Era is paul year. We're going to hear from a couple of writers on that billy thrown. It was the the the interest in today's time. Trial was really am. I did buy the imminence of the olympic games in tokyo. Think and when we spoke to venar on the fresh recipe he said that he was going to finish the tour and this was a major focus for him because it was a dress rehearsal for the olympic games and judging by his promise that he won the time trial by twenty one seconds out of casper green who also been a great performance found our show today that he might be the favourite for the gold medal. In tokyo's fair. I think so and i think it was very important like you said fahim to go into tokyo with confidence you saw. He lifted all out they. We will rot on the finish line in the mixon there where he came. Pass still holding the spade from the tom. Trawl which was probably three hundred off. The lawn flipped around and then as he got to his one year. Pretty didn't seem to hear you shouting while. But i'm for a quick word. We knew he d come back. He didn't come back to me. He came back to where he collapsed over the baas Go to bottle. Puerto rico that sane. You often see on. Tv of gosh. Give their all. I need the bottle rod in that moment of. I can imagine it myself coming five from the lawn. You just thinking. I can just do it. I can get there and you could see emptied the tank absolutely everything so that was really interesting. I know it's an obvious decided. You know they emptied the tank to win the rice but really was interested in seattle on that all that had to commit so-so march to get that victory today which is very important only for the tour to franz but also think going ahead for the olympics just around the corner quite contrast last year for him as well remember the famous picture of him and tom dumoulin standing arms crossed the watson disbelief as rogue lich can lost the third of france before their eyes and and those two is well. Both great time. Trials were surprised by so much by On the day m yeah. It was quite striking quite shocking. Almost to see state that was in As he's came to a whole The heat of factor today but he really did emptied himself and Inquire estate beyond the finish line within kabbadi store fronts. I mean e one of the stage with to climb onto the climate said. He discovered that even with his father in that area. It came second in bern sprinting. Windsor wins the final time trial. What what what can you accept win. The tour i mean he was an exceptional performance. Same for casper as green them in yunos. Secondly was there every day a leading. Well not lead. Yes kind of leading the first part of the of the cabinet train you went into breakaways and is still you know strong enough at the finish of at the end of the tour to to produce the performance did because finishing twenty one seconds behind while now today was was amazing and same by yours vinegar. We'll talk about it a little bit later. But no i mean you know a var the absolute leaks exceptional tool of franz. We wondered if it'd be a day for time trial specialist you said last night. Mitch that They you know the stefan kuhn that we saw today might be very different to the staffer including that we saw stage five and the time trial. You spoke to him at the finish. We'll hear from him a bit later on. But he might as a respectable fourth on the day. Your teammates stefan faith another specialist tiny pocket char only eight from the day. 'em you didn't feel that he was getting all their. I think it was important for him to just get through the stage safely and he finished fifty seven seconds down on what venar finger goal. Definitely worth a mention again. Wrote a really good time. Trial am onstage. Five am all time ago and again the third you know. He's really impressive because he saw slight to look at 'em is almost incredible. We wrote the time trial this morning. We'll check to see if we'd be any of the right you press lot moment. Run across the long. Yeah yeah. I mean i had the sense of our average speed esma. Chevette has lost on the day. That's why he didn't look particularly happy and bought charvet's if you're listening some consolation 'em that you went. You went faster than we did. On the time trump course we felt writing it was it was a kind of specialist. Course wasn't it did feel pretty fast. Felt quite pass on your wheel. Eighteen years the road surfaces amazing Montana's was a lot of roads. Bain ray todd but it was. It wasn't healy but there were quite a lot of gradual. Sort of drags. It was strongman's course like a specialist and then it was a beautiful course actually. It was a really beautiful region and one of one of the most. If not the best one region. I've ever written through very lovely rods and always surprises morning. I was at a little bit earlier than you at seven. I am this morning that the course was set up with people ready as if the rice was coming in one hour tom at seven i am could not believe it. They've been there for days. We go we go. Clapton cheered around and we it was amazing. Imagine what this is going to be locked as you'll racing and i tried to ask a few guys like that. How was it was awesome. I felt like was me. Awesome out there. But i think it's probably a little bit too soon off the finnish to really have that feeling maybe on the boss now. They're thinking that was awesome. Well why venar. The winner of the stage casper ask screen second. Us bingo completing his really great to france.

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