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Once again they picked the doll most of all impeachment articles, and then you got Kamila Harris with Amy Cockney barrel. Remember that mother of sin? Oven and she's telling the whole world that Judge Barry is coming after your health care and coming after your reproductive rights and coming after your voting rights. I mean, if you're dumb enough to believe that that's going to incite you to. So what the president's lawyers they're going to do is play those clips. And so you know what If you're going to start penalizing hot political rhetoric, let's do it for both sides. This is a very important point in all of this, and it's in some ways the most troubling legacy of what has happened with the transition of Power Divide administration. They have embraced now double standards in the policing of speech. That are meant to politically crush the other side. If we say fight for your rights, it's insurrection. Its violence. If they say Trump didn't really win the election. He he's an agent of Russia. Vladimir Putin has compromised on him and oh, any moment now. You know he's gonna hand the country over to the Kremlin. That's just, you know, analysis and editorializing or just straight news. I mean, the lie even more about it. This disparity is something that they are entirely embracing because they think they have the power now to do it. This is not a side effect. This is the intent. Democrats want to be able to use the most inflammatory rhetoric possible. They want political violence to be excused and minimized on their side, as we see from BLM in anti fuck constantly. And then on the other side, they want the perception to be that if you are a conservative if you're Republican, if you are a Trump supporter And you say anything that borrows from the Common usage martial rhetoric of politics. You're a bad person. You've incited violence. Sorry. You're responsible for that. Capitol Hill insurrection even after the fact You were contributing to it, even if you weren't there and didn't say anything and didn't know about it. You are a contributor, even though it happened before you said the thing you said. Doesn't matter. Go back and read. Just a few chapters. In the early Stages that the Sewage system of the The Soviet Union. Was was one way that sells a Nietzschean would refer to this. And it's amazing when you see how the arguments The arguments that would be raised By the system. Were it didn't matter. It didn't matter. It was all meant to just take care of dissent. It didn't make any difference whatsoever. If you had a fair point, it didn't make any difference. If you Were you know you were meant to be flushed away. Quiet were in power. Shut up Your arguments Don't matter what side of the political aisle is doing that right now. Who is really doing that. Just getting rid of of the arguments of the other side without even engaging is that on the writers on the left? We know that it's certainly on the right we don't own The social media platforms, the corporate news media Hollywood academia, We don't have control of these things. No corporation. Bends the knee and begs forgiveness for offending right wingers. No major company says. Oh, I'm so sorry that Christian conservatives feel like they've been Fronted in some way by one of our policies. No, quite the opposite. So who really has the power right now? Who's really calling the shots that then brings Meteo this impeachment this week? Even when they're in power. It's not enough. Well, did they have to destroy the other side? Because here's something that you got to know. The single greatest asset. That Republicans have Is that the incompetence, absurdity, fecklessness and phoniness of the Democrats. He's gonna be obvious for all to see. Then, after six more months of bumble of bumbling, mumbling Biden And John Kerry's climate lectures. You know, maybe you should just call in from the yacht, you know, really, just Go all in John Kerry. The midterms are going to start to look a whole lot more promising than they do right now. That's for sure. But it will also be this will be an opportunity. You'll see this. For Democrats to say. The most absurd stuff you've ever heard about a president and that's saying a lot given what they've already said about Trump. In Senator Hirono eyes is trying to say that there might be some surprise vote from the GOP. I Certainly don't think she's right. But you never know until it happens. Senator Hirono among. I always said among these probably is the dumbest person in the United States Congress. She's saying that. Oh, don't worry. There is gonna be the surprise vote Play six. Well, what I understand is that most of my Republican colleagues will vote to not convict him and hiding behind this argument, which is not adhered to by most constitutional scholars that That impeaching a president who's already left office is unconstitutional. That is not the case, so they'll hide behind that. Why, John? Because what is happening with my Republican colleagues, most of them Is their extreme fear of Donald Trump and the Trump base. So what's motivating them is extreme fear, rather than doing their constitutional responsibility to listen to the evidence and Make both for conviction. My bad. I actually miss Read the verbatim the calling of that when I thought she was saying they might vote for conviction because they had been in fear, but no, she said they won't vote because they are scared on they won't vote for conviction because they're scared. And no, they won't vote for conviction because he didn't incite insurrection. And Democrats set a standard. I think this is very important in the standard is.

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