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Would this loretta lynch knew about these faisal warrants yates the deputy attorney general extensions rob rosenstein now the deputy attorney general he news fbi director colmey deputy director mccabe struck had a counterintelligence page his girlfriend who else would have known about these these fifa applications and warrants will a little secret these are counter intelligence efforts you have to assume the national security council in the white house new why would the fbi the justice department keep that from the national security director in the white house why would they keep it from the deputy director in the white house so why would it be left out of the president's daily intelligence briefing which i mentioned in march congress also needs to get a hold of i am telling you what we're looking at the fbi we're looking at the department of justice and we're not looking at all at all at the white house hillary clinton paid for a warrant that's the easiest way we can put it hillary clinton colluded with the with the russians but it appears the fbi at the seniormost levels colluded with the russians to whether it was witting or unwitting it doesn't match that fact so the senior level of the fbi tried to interfere with this election as well this is why it's such a big deal now i know republicans are bending over backwards saying this has nothing to do with muller it has everything to do with muller it goes a transition from a counterintelligence investigation into a criminal investigation if it colmey of all things confesses to being a leaker and moller muller's the former fbi director those were his people vaxxers environment he's not out there is some independent force but i want to get back to barack obama it's his fbi here's department of justice his state department his candidate i cannot believe for a minute that the national security council did not about this and the show you how elaborate this is now that more information's coming up we haven't even got to the.

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