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Traits I think loves the most intriguing quarterback in this draft class because I think it's traits are high level he'll need to be coached team may not be ready to play affectively as a rookie it all depends on where he gets drafted Jodie Mac we know with guys get drafted high they play whether they're ready or not but I I don't know if he'd be truly ready to to succeed as a rookie but I think it's traits are high level and I'm ill be a function of where he goes who coaches them and how they decided to use him to be very interesting Tom Snyder draft which is couple dari stays for now we got quite close Sheldon about films deal with us all right you mention wide receiver class that it is very deep and big I would say big you mean physically big logon to guys who are six two six three six four I mean big guys understood most people have it broken down the dairy three guys at the top of the draft in whatever order you gonna put him in and then a little bit of a drop off not a tremendous trouble put a drop off the same right now to to Alabama kids and CD player from Oklahoma what order do you put those three year and how would you describe the dropoff from three to four if those are your top three well I would say Judy is my top one and there's a drop off after that but that's me and I know people disagree and and that's okay so I think Jerry Judy is a is a big time prospect I like rugs a lot I think rugs is a far better route runner then ten people give him credit for I think that he's the great thing about being able to watch coaching tape is a lot of times you see guys run routes when the balls are thrown to them and and rugs did a really good job at times running routes I like lamb I'm anxious to see how people see him I know there's a lot of people that love them and I can I get that I didn't love him but I think he's a good prospect some of the bigger receivers that I I mean I really liked Michael treatments tape and I'm really curious to see what he gets drafted okay deck comes A. as a slight to price may be multiplied Jefferson slotted into four and a couple other guys what you're personally interesting because Jefferson was almost exclusively a slot receiver this year but in previous years and I wish we played outside so the question becomes and I know the NFL team now has changed to the point where guys are necessarily just one or the other unless their size dictates that I mean a guy like AJ hammer is going to play in the slot but Jefferson is over six one so guys like that can be used outside or inside and the game has changed I wonder if it to me Jefferson struck me I'm curious is as almost a Robert woods type kind of receiver and I think you know that's pretty good I don't know if that would be considered you know top five or top six but I think I think he's he's a solid prospect he worked the middle of the field really well for LSU right as you said you Baghdad access to maybe a hundred when you've usually got to two hundred or two fifty I did what thirty wide receivers in detail all right dad who's the wide receivers you're checking other people's marks in the light who you're seeing nodded drafted in the top ten wide receivers anger at all Dan reason my top ten I don't know what people are missing about despair yeah I don't really do those kinds of things because to me receivers there's so many different styles of receivers like how would you possibly compare T. Hagens and cagey hamlet what's what's what's the basis for even a comparison so I don't do it that way I mean to me you have to think of how each guy could best be deployed in the NFL and and that's kind of the way I think about it so therefore for me unless a guy is such a stand out and that's the way I felt about Judy I don't really make lists like that just because to me they don't make a lot of sense you know if you're a team that has two really good outside receivers and you feel like to be a great passing game you really need to slide you made love Cajun handler but you know what that's not the way your team is in your thinking about a guy on the outside if you're thinking of a boundary X. receiver to the short side of the field key to him was not your guy understood the comparison you making all right if there's one guy in this draft but I'm also waiting for a player position outside which we know is kind of a hypothetical question because the NFL is what is in twenty twenty but who's the most talented football player in the draft most talented football player oh boy I mean hi I loved watching Jeffrey could I know that's not a scoop but Jeffrey Okuda reminded me of a lot just the way he moved and played of champ Bailey and I know champ Bailey's a hall of Famer but that was the way I kind of saw cuda which gets into a fascinating debate and again reasonably Paul wall will disagree on in today's NFL who is the more valuable piece on the defense and edge rusher or a corner I think years ago we would have said edge rusher without even blinking an eye and we may still say that but with these quicker shorter passing games where you have to disrupt routes sometimes I think about whether the corner might be the more important piece to a defense very interesting way to look at it all right last question don't know if you've contemplated it don't even know if it's fair but we're friends so I'm allowed to ask on fair questions you work with all these teams in some way shape or form get new video in from their teams talk to people you understand the organizations you probably have a better feel for some than others but at least a partial feel for all of them is there a team that will be affected by the way the draft is going to be run this year virtually from the distant locales not no warmer yeah I will answer that this way I think that this year is more of a tape study year than any other year because of what's going on in our country so I think that the teams that probably have more experienced scouting staffs and guys who've done it for a longer period of time will end up doing better you know at the end of the day the whole purpose of this is to project in transition guys to your team I do it to the whole NFL schematically because I don't work for a team right the end of the day you're trying to make your team better so you're looking at players in your new year figuring out how the project and transition to your team and you know sometimes people think guys are are a clinical reach a phrase I never used but let's say you're a team that plays a lot of dine sixty cents of backs and you end up playing that eighteen twenty snaps a game or twenty whatever the number is you could draft a guy who's a dining player and people say Hey what are you doing but that might be a really valuable piece to what you do so you have to think about teens schemes and and help particular players fit those that's what you're ultimately doing you're transitioning to the lead not analyzing the guys play in college so who's the best video breakdown team in the NFL I don't know the answer to that believe I really don't know the answer to if you did I'm not even sure you would tell me but I I I had asked and I appreciate your answer yet the way you did I appreciate all the help you gave us Greg great insight thanks for coming on board but we'll talk thanks very much appreciate it Greg Cosell NFL films only been breaking down film prior the National Football League and when the season's over and done with turning to rookies emperor ever as a matter of fact and he always does a nice job of sharing that knowledge when he comes on board with me appreciate his contributions your time to contribute is now I got thirty eight minutes left.

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