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Are starting lineup tonight. I'm sorry. The tip off was presented by Central City Park Way. There's a three point or the other way by Bronson. It goes up, and then we're all squared up three points apiece. Will Barton has it across the timeline, Got it out there by Jalen Bronson throws it on the high left side over to Milsap, who straddles the three point line back behind him to Yokich. Yoke. It's guarded by Willie Cauley Stein Hands up behind him to Gary Harris. He gets to the nail jump shots up. That was too strong that the rebound comes down The Paul Millsap Millsap had fake on the three back behind him to Murray Murray gets a high pick for the coal. Yokich left side over the will bark. Barton working against Bronson just shoots right over a bad shot. That one's no good in the rebound comes down and traffic to the Dallas Mavericks. Maverick Start. Tim Hardaway Jr Chris Stops bruising Goes Willie Cauley Stein, Jalen Bronson and Luca Don Shits. Hardaway has it 14 footer. That one's no good. And the rebound comes down in a coal Yokich outlet. Pass up the right sideline over to Jamal Murray Murray garnered out there by Hardaway I picked from Yokich Murray stops throws it a joker, the mid post. One on one with Stein. He starts backing him down. Get to the dotted line up under blocked by parsing goes loose ball comes down to Don church Don shit right to the rack, got fouled and made the runner. Well, you gotta commit. Don church went straight to the cup. Paul Millsap tried to help late got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and Luca made him pay on the other side. Going to be a difficult night for joker because it looks like they're sending the second player every time he's in the lane. I.

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