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In Galveston. There were so few takers for the vaccine. That is, they're asking that the state no longer send them. The drugs for the vaccinations. One of the reasons it's so easy to get your covert shot now is because there are unused doses piling up and here's Katie rages. Jeff Biggs. Yeah, you heard it here in Texas. But there's still a lot of Texans who still don't want the vaccine, too. There are a lot of people that do not want to get vaccinated, the younger and more middle aged people that may be on the healthier side. It's the people in the middle. That's still our little leery. That is ktrh medical expert. Our own Dr Joe Giladi. And what about the problems With that? Johnson and Johnson vaccine Anytime you see negative press on the vaccine or any medicine, people are going to react with the Johnson and Johnson. So far, they've been six steps out of several million vaccines administered. That's a very, very small rate. You on the flip side, According to reports, almost 50% of adults have already received at least one dose across the country. Yep, and about 30% have had the double dose that's required of visor and Madonna. Pretty interesting. There's a lot going on. That's not being reported. Thanks a lot, Jeff. Now elsewhere. We're told that it's the supply chain issues that are a problem as we try to Rio Comm Reopen Texas economists Ray Perelman says Well, yeah, we've got a shortage of semiconductor chips. When you see me conductors and just about everything we do these days, and so there's a red and there's no real increase in capacity taking place. Who produces those chips is the question No one seems to answer Texas Industries They've had to deal with this. Some of the supply chain disruptions took place because both couldn't get into the Gulf Coast ports for awhile because the pandemic and the storm played a role in that, too, So we have a few things going on here, but it's only because we make a lot of the stuff the rest the country uses. Yep. Everything from cars. Elektronik stew furniture, too. It's all being impacted. They tell us supply chain 5 35 vice president Kamila Harris gone 9 27 days now without a news conference that she was named as the point person Diz are for the border crisis. And it is just spiraling. Out of control. We have seen over 26,000 kids cross through illegally through between the ports of entry here in the Rio Grande, a sector alone so far this fiscal year. One sector of our long border Border Patrol agent Brian Hastings their Supreme Court now starting to hear arguments in a case that would decide if some 400,000 Immigrants. Who came as migrants, mainly from El Salvador 400,000 years ago. On got temporary protected status. Are they eligible to apply for green cards? Even if they came here illegally. Huh? This is all the doctor stuff coming back to harness. The jury in the direction of show Vin Trial continues deliberations. The closing arguments were yesterday. Defense attorney Eric Nelson, telling jurors that Derek Sheldon had no intent to purposefully use unlawful force, which they would need to decide to convict. I submit to you that the state has failed. To meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury now Wayne verdicts on three charges in the death of George Floyd, 2nd and 3rd degree murder and second degree manslaughter for which the former officer has pled not guilty. That's Fox's Jeff Man. Also the judge, meantime, overseeing the show VIN trial, Peter Cahill. He called Maxine Waters, the congresswoman, encouraging violence if there's not a guilty, guilty, guilty verdict. He said. This could be grounds for actually overturning the case on appeal boxes. Tucker Carlson called Waters comments something else. Maxine Waters doesn't believe in the system, the one that she helps run, so she's demanding a first degree murder conviction. What is this called what's called jury intimidation. Yes, Witness tampering. Jury intimidation is all coming from the left Republicans the house or calling for waters to be censured. Others. You're calling for her impeachment for obstruction of justice. There was a push in Texas to increase the penalty for rioting here. State Senator Dawn Buckingham says the current rules don't go far enough to stop radicals from attacking law enforcement as they do in Austin and damaging property..

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