Grenada, Super Bowl, Walker discussed on NFL Sunday



Himself and sylla army and keep over your cuttitta on argument grenada yeah sorry my all i mean go down as best interest go see unions they're all going to have even at least one of the most dangerous wide receiver the arab name him off the didn't one with him night unfortunately history exists the suit drunk best swap receiver less wellprepared wrong and grog my drunk didn't play in the super bowl last year and they won the super bowl doubt bronc randy moss i love them by favorite player they didn't want to super bowl rainy moss was smokers a nice player but was walker is certainly not a hall of fame prayer rent so he was able to do it with guys like dion branch dan if the plug and play system i mean you could replace it he will not only you can replace anybody in new england except for villa belt you know who's a big part of the system though the core the core back as well like why aren't at obviously so why do you think welker element or so saga just because the system ordinary because the guy thrown all that's the big th that's a great point of this that brady makes these guys so much better that is is because the way he plays the game and the way he is able to uh just elevate their game guys it's a hitler welker what he was before we got here verses what he was here in new england i hate the system thing because then why does never teams to the system is they should have the system like bill o'brien pretty easy a copy and paste after what 15 years of sustained excellence that starts to all of the system they've also had coaches that help run that system leave josh daniels was a head coach in the league enduse oftens coordinator with two different teams and i'm sure they try to implement some of that same system failed fill o'brien until this year to shawn watson finally got a good offense going but had terrible offenses what if the system is so he's or well why don't let us every team run that system the system.

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