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Always tell you it's not that I'm telling you it's a fact that the people elected to office nine times out of ten off eleven times out of ten are not smart enough to be there in the first place that is a fact demonstrative fat on the phone right now that there anymore what he's doing and what he's doing he's on maybe I don't know when you're not elected anymore your whatever maybe he can start drinking beer at eight in the morning doesn't have to wait until five senator Patrick Colbeck wait welcomed on the edge if there are no not back I ran for office disqualified me for your previous statement I I got it yes I think it might in some cases but you were pushed onto it you were pushed into it well I had fun do you get people looking forward to something fun and talk a little about commitments are popping up here there was a great win with him before you go there yeah you you people know you were a senator Patrick Colbeck two terms you ran for governor and that I want to ask you given what our governor has done now I I think it was full and responsible when you were in office well how many I guess this is it's a gas but that was a bad thing would you agree and and also would you agree that possibly that maybe the people in your office within the same thing I mean yeah everybody runs in here there are very few people that don't that take Kerr what the Bible says around do not be afraid and he I think what we're seeing out here at a lot of hysteria a lot of overreaction and it's concerning to me I I I I penned an op ed awhile back called will twenty twenty P. America's finest hour and all but I'm not seeing it right so far well it whole thing is irresponsible on the part of not all of this she said that propels of yours do you actually know I've sat at tables with you ensure key and that at the very start at barbecues next but the bottom line is this how come he's not stepping up and saying what the governors are responsible where is what's his name mark out of the house which is named command that the check check yeah I don't think I don't know what we're doing is wrong you don't know what they're doing but I I guess you know I I you know how Gretchen debate gun grabber I don't you know you Love Me I know that and you see the meme about and in a sign of it showing a picture of the corona virus insane coronavirus not allowed in the city that was meant that's a good one I haven't seen it that is a good one at that should be the Democrats consistent approach on how to deal with things they don't want to deal with so you've been focused on the sheep dogs you but god bless you Patrick always been doing a lot of work with the veterans and the of the center that there's three of marked as one of the airport tell people about what's going on with that yeah we got a total of four centers however it we just made the tough decision yesterday the board to cease all operations unfortunately but well who made the call somebody in the operation and our board of directors it was a majority decision they decided to close the closest Saturn is jumping on the bandwagon oh my god this this that I think that's terrible I know about you I think that's terrible well considering our guests are include active duty and veterans the active duty personnel were essentially issued a directive he sees domestic travel phone stand the basin and so it kind of half of our population that we serve it with a sensually told don't travel so that kind of there's not too many people to serve in that context although when I was there and Monday we had about forty guests coming through in our terminal sire but below the you don't know we have four centers all across the state we hope told open not re open up very soon but we served over seven hundred thousand gas since our opening in and nobody says yes he's talking military personnel yep gold star families blue star families active duty veterans and just saltier type folks including allied personnel so we've got some breaking key which can occur as well and so but our mission is simply to provide them with respite from their travels on the way to deployment on the way back from deployment a chance to collect their thoughts and also a way to show appreciation for veterans and their families for the sacrifices that they made while they were serving he yes hello you know adult school is it is it I don't gonna pick up where you left off and I don't think we're ever going to be back to where we were they've moved the Overton window on us I know you know what that's about yeah definitely I gave you that feeling and we we got to start asking some fundamental questions about who we are as Americans and and started dressing you know are these consistent the principles on which were found in are we gonna go along with Mr Obama's fundamental transformation of America I'm seeing evidence of the fundamental transformation right now absolutely and I think it's time to get back to basics and got back to our founding fathers with them as your previous call in about we need to we need to get back to basics and and one of the basic there's better support those who are serving us and I just want to put out a a call out to all the veterans that are out there at this year's the seventy fifth anniversary victory in World War two that's an opportunity to focus on something really good about America unfortunately most of the people out there like seventeen years old and dumb stuff let me share with you real quick we don't we're not short time here disconnection from my pal bill X. you know bill real well but here's the deal Dr drew Pinsky here's another corner me says businesses are not phones going to grade out businesses are getting destroyed and people's lives are being upended not by the Irish but by the panic the panic must yeah it was in the press they really somehow need to be held accountable because they are hurting people amen absolutely that's at risk the other side of that risk going and that's anyway but what he's talking our focus on the good stuff so if there's any better and then your audience for trying to get them free rides and classic World War two aircraft in celebration of their service well if they go to analyze freedom centered out or not get an opportunity to apply in a B. seventeen B..

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