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The lineup. How is he? What? Suppose he's doing? Much better? The swelling has gone down and his elbow we feel like he can give us his best effort, and even if he's not fully back at 100% We will take 90% of Buster Posey or 85% of Buster Posey any day, just a great professional back there and he's gonna give us a good about it was Logan Webb, who is starting tonight and Jake McGee back on the active roster. What were the moves to get them there to get those guys on the 26? We had the FAA God because he's out of options and we options. Sam Selman, who will stay on the taxi squad for with us for the duration of this trip, and head back to San Francisco, with us Now facing this Phillies lineup, and they have a little bit of a different lineup. Reese Hoskins, for instance, is not in there and they also have Andrew McCutchen is not in there. They've replaced both of them with left handed hitters. Against Web So tell us about Web going up against this particular Phillies lineup. Webb's going to do the same thing that he did all spring training and that he's done in his early starts this season, which is Execute with this basketball. Make sure that he continues to rip his changeup. Even if he's not throwing it for strikes immediately. Yes, to kind of stay with that pitch. It's a great weapon, one of the better change ups in the game. And you're right. It is a different line up with the Phillies are throwing out there today. Sweet swinging Maddy Joyce and the leadoff spot at some familiarity with Matt. He's my teammate on Ben Brad Miller, who I had in Philadelphia Think the world of Brad Excellent hit her off the bench but also an occasional start and you can you can really hurt you. You can hit the ball out of the ballpark anywhere and he's a patient hitter. He causes walk, so we certainly have our work cut out for us with heavy left handed hitting hitting lot of the Phillies were thrown out there. But but what? He's been throwing the ball really well. And in that last outing out of the bullpen, we saw him attack. The strikes don't work fast, push the pace and pound his own. Those are things that we're gonna ask him to do. It doesn't matter who the opposing line it is. Those are those are some of the keys to his success, and we couldn't help but notice that last night as you were presented a lineup card at home plate with the umpires, the Philly fanatic was giving you the business acting as if he were Doing his workout regimen and whatnot. What is your relationship with the fanatic? Oh, man, we were tight when we were when I was here and Philadelphia, But, you know, as you know, John, when when you leave when you leave the pinstripes. Fanatic may not always be on your side. Now we had a We had a lot of fun while I was here, and it was fun to interact with them a little bit last night before the game a lot, a lot of respect for the lightness and the humor and The costume. The whole nine. The Philly fanatic is It is a great product. All right, Here we go. Giants Phillies Game two of the serious and that's the game Kappler show for today. Pelant.

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