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Amazon Bookstores. Everywhere. You can find it. He's absolutely outstanding in education as you could tell, he's Done this so many times he actually could be doing. My show could actually just walk away from the microphone right now and he would be just fine I'll just let him ask questions. So if part wide strategy and by the way by he's I, can he doesn't know this, but I could see him laughing while he sips coffee and it's actually quite funny. So anyways. So. Part one strategy, the battle attention, and the chapters called fight to win and I loved the I. Love The way you open this chapter because every business that exists out there is we're trying to fight for attention. Right, I mean, that's what we're trying to do. Right. But. But there's elements of the battle and we'd better be finding to win I hopefully, we're fighting to win for it I. Mean, 'cause if you're not fighting to win, there's no reason to fight in my opinion, but right? Exactly. But there's there's elements of the battle and you call you call attention weapons, an opponent's, and then you have a common opponent. Can we just run through the the idea of attention and how we're trying to go about that who our opponents are? Do you mind running through that a little bit? Yes. So basically, just understanding what what components of the battle are. So you've got your weapons, which is the content that you create. So the second you create any sort of content and put it online. You have officially entered the the battlefield. So to speak the battle, the battleground of attention. So the opponents are the people and the businesses out there that are trying to serve your same ideal clients, and basically they're solving the same problem that you solved. Now, they may do it differently, but they're they're serving the same types of people that you want to serve, and they're solving the same kind of problem. Those are the people that you're competing directly against. But no matter who we are. We all have the same opponent, which is the noise of all the stuff online, the advertising, the organic content, the pictures of what they someone had for lunch like that is the playing field that we're all kind of thrown into whenever we try to create content and attract people online, and we all have common opponent. The question becomes we'll man, how do I cut through all this noise because? because. That's all it is just nothing but constant nonstop chatter ten to twenty to thirty thousand brand messages. A day is what hits the average person and Jay. Outbid has got to be double that now with the lockdowns and stuff, how much more time people are spending on TV and social media? You've got fifty sixty thousand brand messages day easily. So like how does your one piece of content going to attract attention? And that's that that kind of sets the scene for the battle that we're in, and why does it matter whether you win or not? Well, it matters a lot You know a friend of mine wrote a book called play bigger. and. They just took a look at all the company over the last twenty years and their positions in the market, and essentially the number. One Company in any category took seventy, six percent of the economics of that category. Well. Most of the revenue, the majority, the vast majority of the prophets, right? One thing to have revenue. It's another thing to actually keep it right. So I guess who the most profitable companies were. Well, they were the number one people in their space and I think we lose sight of that. You can carve out niches that are geographic. You know you can be the. The number, one real estate agent in a neighborhood of a homes nothing. Wrong with that. That'll make you a very nice living or the number one coach in a certain niche area, and that'll make you a very nice living. But you have to choose something because you gotta find something. You can be number one in because that's where all the profit lives. By, the way that. I know we're going to get much deeper into this because I loved what you said. You know there's number one and then there's number two and then everybody else is fighting for scraps. Yeah. Right. It's the unfortunate truth, but it's all based on the way our minds work. It's just you know like being being number one in a space is really about it's not about domination and it's not about competition even so much. It's about consideration. It's about being considerate to the people that you want to hire you and clearly explaining that you are the right person for something. Something and you're not for everyone else like that's being considerate, not being dominant and over competitive if that makes no, it does it makes sense. But I think this is where it leads where you lead immediately into this chapter where you lead into white influence become. So imperative that we have influence right and you talk about the the three elements of influence authority visibility and relationships, and you know this is where this is where you know you start, you start to develop where I is beautiful foundation of the pyramid as we work our way up to the new media. The new media strategy that we're about put together here. But I mean, it's really important that we understand that influence. Right? I mean it's that influence that's critical to at one at least one of the pieces that's critical for us right for us to be truly a leader. Yeah, the bottom line is if you can't get somebody off the couch and moving, you don't have much influence, and that's that's what we're missing right now, we have a lot of content and not a lot of people taking action on the content they're consuming and So one of the things that drove it home for me was years ago. I, was producing a podcast for a friend inclined to mind, and I was actually an equity holder in the coaching consulting business. So we're running podcast together. So I got to see this all first hand and I watched as we shifted from. Him Having to have a whole bunch of conversations and facebook messages and texting back and forth and phone calls, and all this stuff to get people to come to a two thousand dollar workshop to learn how he built his seven-figure business to two years. Later of US running podcast together, people going to his website paying three thousand dollars. So we got a nice price high hike out of it. It paying three thousand dollars without talking to anyone their registration down on a website, putting their credit card information in hopping on a plane, buying a ticket at their own expense and showing up at his office, and they would walk in the door for the workshop, and he had no idea who they were. That's the power of influence. Right? You took people that needed a lot of nurturing. Hand holding just to convert into a lower priced customer and you turn them into somebody that needed virtually zero hand holding and zero communication and turn them into an even higher value customer. That's the power of building influence online. So that was like a really visceral hard hitting real life example that I can pull from my past, and it really drove the point home that influences that missing link. His name's Matt Johnson and the book is called micro famous and he's joining us here on a new direction. Hey folks listen to just tell you really quick. Did you know that we have these two great sponsors?.

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