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Have you already had the zoom interactions with Gabe Kapler and the giant staff? Well, I'll haven't done a Giants game this year, so I haven't done a zoom with Gabe. But a couple years ago, I probably did 10 10 meetings with gay because we did 10 games with Phillies right up close, So I really enjoy talking to him because he's a really smart guy. As for the first question of doing a game from Bristol, Connecticut tonight Thank you your in store. Glanville is doing the game with me. He's the other analysts, but he'll be doing it from his home in Bristol, Connecticut, and our play by play Guy Mike Monaco, who's 28 years old. But he's really, really good. I've never done a game with him. So I'll be doing a game with a 28 year old and Doug Glanville, who's going to be about 10 miles away, but not the same studio and obvious sitting all by myself in a room that I've never worked out of. So if the show stinks, it's not myself. Come on. You've never done a batch. Yo, I'm just kidding. It's just reminded just how tricky things could be. I work with different people. I work with the broader president. Car ravaged, but they just got back from the college world Curies. So I'm working with I do play by play guy. It'll be great baseball. You can't miss it. Even if it's best against worse. It's still fun to do. I think I heard Vasgersian say they're going to be on site right for this weekend for Mets and Yankees. When are you going to be allowed to go to a baseball stadium? Well, that's a good question. I'm not on the Sunday night team, so I'm not going to games until they tell me we're hoping at some point sooner rather than later here in the second half, one second half arrives, but No guarantees on that, Um, I'm more than happy to do a game from the studio because at least I get to do the game. But there is no substitute whatsoever for being at the ball park and I miss it. Tremendously trying to call a game off of the television screen rather than being at the ballpark. Tim, you are the best is always our pleasure to have you and have a great call. Regardless of where and who and we'll talk again soon. Okay, guys. Thank you, sir. Come and he has the best sign off. Ever knew. He did. Okay, guys, see you, Mike Lombardi. He's like Mike Lombardi. Yeah, it's the best. I'll just hang up. Liberty would be by and TV's Got the hell the healing, um, hit. Okay, guys. Bye. I love it, man. There he is. So no flimflam Obiang knbr, and that's what I want to know. Yeah. There you go. Did you hear flame at all? And, uh, he did. Giants Dodgers one night was they all run together The Gausman game. Tuesday night. What's today? I don't even know what dirt is. Yeah, I did hear Tuesday. Jessica Mendoza. But she had a telephone. It sounded like it. And they've had at work. How does that work of all the broadcast entities? I think that ESPN has had the biggest problems because of what Tim just said. Somebody's in a Bristol studio. Somebody's in a home studio. Somebody's They had a game A couple of weeks ago, just like you said. I think they're on the phone as well. And I couldn't. I could not understand the third person in the booth and it's frustrating because we know this in radio. What happens people leave like if if the audio is bad, or whatever the case. If you give us a reason to leave, we'll leave or at least will turn it down because I had to turn it down. I just couldn't. I couldn't understand what he was saying. It's been hard. Though. I mean Flynn was in his home office. That was That was not the game that they had to rush on for. No, No, no, that was the Padres Dodgers. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, And they actually got to that broadcast late. It was on ESPN two to start anyway. I'm listening to it. I'm like Jessica Mendoza is on a telephone. So I I know she was talking about. She lives up in the Pacific Northwest at extreme heat up there. Probably is that the reason why, But that was strange because Dave sounded nice and clear, and she sounded like she was underwater. Remember. When do we get hot in the East Bay? At least in the old days before we upgraded you? We'd have problems with years if it got too hot, So yeah, I'm sure affects things. Yeah. One time. It was like, probably driving what.

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