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Absolutely i mean in one of the things that i got to do i look at my genome was actually to get a whole catalogue of all my neanderthal genes i can like point at these different genes and say thank you to the nandor tall to that and what it looks like is that when humans are species arose in africa around three hundred thousand years ago and then a couple of hundred thousand years later some people started expanding out of africa and it was then that they began to encounter neanderthals and there was interbreeding and some of these hybrids made their way back into you know our society and passed down there those neanderthal genes to subsequent generations so that people with ancestry outside of africa are roughly one percent neanderthal some of have a little extra and you know we may just be kind of getting rid of it over evolutionary time maybe we'll only have half a percent you know in two thousand years but on the other hand maybe some of these neanderthal genes are actually helping us helping us fight disease helping make our skin more resilient third a lot of possibilities for why we have these different andrew tall gene still left in us and also going back into the past isn't it true that roughly seventy thousand years ago that was a bottleneck most of our ancestors died only a handful of us maybe a few hundred maybe thousands survive to repopulate the entire planet earth seventy thousand years ago i mean isn't that amazing that genetics can allow you to recreate the ancestry of the human race then show that all of us are descended from a small group of people yeah and what's really interesting is the way that we can look more closely these things and actually it's not seventy thousand years ago it turned out at other periods of time we have very small populations and we managed to survive in here we are okay well let's take another short commercial break once again you are listening to science fantastic with professor michio kaku give us a call at six one two five six four eight one three five leave your name call letters of the radio station listening to and the.

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