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Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says so far legislators on a bipartisan basis have put more than five hundred billion dollars in funding to prepare hospitals clinics nursing homes as well as small businesses college students and veterans also passed yesterday in insulin affordability measure championed by the mother of an uninsured diabetic who died because he was forced to ration his supply Alex Smith bill passed the house overwhelmingly in the Senate unanimously a separate bill allowing restaurants and bars to sell beer and wine with carry out food orders is still being negotiated by lawmakers mark fry newstalk eight three WCCO the department of health reporting forty five more people infected with the virus taking the state's total sixteen hundred ninety five and seventy nine people dead fifty seven of that seventy nine have been folks living in congregate living like long term care an overwhelming majority of those with underlying or pre existing health conditions the median age of death fifty R. eighty seven rather health commissioner Jan Malcolm says the state is closely watching this data another area that's really right for for research and for partnering with our some of our healthcare community healthcare researchers who are always just to start helping to look exactly at that what do we know about the specific comorbidities that that means that the disease progresses and slightly different ways for people with specific conditions we also know that sixty five long term care facilities have at least one lab confirmed cases we will get an update from the governor and health officials today during their regularly scheduled two o'clock conference call we will air that live once again here on WCCO radio and other radio dot com app again that's at two this afternoon today would normally be the deadline to file federal income taxes but because the virus tax returns are not due now until July fifteenth in fact eighty million Americans will be receiving money from the government today up to twelve hundred dollars for individuals twenty four hundred for married couples the payments are aimed at easing the financial crunch caused by the pandemic of course there is the health crisis and then there is the economic one more startling numbers on that front this morning is this state unemployment insurance applications over just the past month have doubled all of last year last year more than two hundred and nineteen thousand Minnesotans applied for unemployment since March sixteenth of this year it's over four hundred and fifty one thousand or fourteen percent of the labor force department of employment and economic development commissioner Steve gross as they are also seeing racial disparities overall of seventy five percent of your application our our applicants rather are white it is about twelve point two percent of all white the minister of labor force is applied but we will call our numbers are much higher about twenty five point eight percent of people of color minister of labor force and by farm plan insurance gross says the scope and scale of what's happening is quote Stonic Sloan Martin Stockett threo WCCO and because of those numbers food is in short supply for some families the Twin Cities YMCA and loaves and fishes are working together to help those in need Greg Waibel is chief.

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