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In a way you know so most coaches back in the day to the Butte that to create the team to be close I'm not quite sure always worked yeah we're always mad at him right at all all week so bad for our teammates our borders give that that was kind of philosophy I guess I'm not quite sure they always felt that way yeah but you know look now look look look the one thing is there well when he was right man I don't think there's a better mind and we had we had a very late yeah that gunslinger mentality where he would try anything he was like he was like a Steph curry from the coaching he would try any you don't care you would try anything to win any game yeah I know I think you're absolutely right it's funny because I didn't care Hey you can yell at me all day I didn't really I don't give a rat's **** you can yell at me or not I always had the or was it the feeling that if you don't at me he cared and I was worth something so I can I'd keep playing because a lot of the times I know that he yelled at me to get through to other players and I was like whatever just the thought you put me on the court I'm fine I really don't I really don't care about it the only time I did I don't really care that I do you know if you know me I don't really care regardless but sometimes you get like personal the package I was like you guys can you know the the fans can hear yeah like a maybe and that's the one thing he didn't give a damn he did not care who they're trying to win the game and if they're trying to do whatever he saw fit to to win that game and there were times as like I'd be on the bench I'd be on the court not here to be liked who maybe tone that down just a little bit at a time when they're going to keep playing here is also that the transition from the you know certainly the the nineties we're calling as the night that that was the way you coach right was always kinda yelling and screaming and carrying on the sideline and all of a sudden at the plate got a little more power kind of changed the whole dialogue if you do not you are going on now no to date you know you know then the one thing that really you know time is the first guy that no one was sure his first came over Charissa nobody was there exactly he beat beat beat person Sharon style sure it's a military state maybe go to a diet your go go tell you boy you know whatever to get that person you know is dysfunctional kind of miscommunication going on well so perfect you know it's funny Chris when we had Nellie on last week or ten days ago the first question I asked was the red Auerbach influence and he keep kind of downplayed it because you say well you didn't coach me much and and I knew that but he said he didn't coach me much but I did used to sit him in office it just talk to him on a consistent basis for thirty minutes to an hour so here and you get your hearing Jim Peterson still the stories we've heard stories from Tom and now you come in and and and and add into him I think we found out what he was learning in those half hour sixty minute sessions is that but for you to read our box well the smoke a cigar it just basically given the manual for breaking your players to help them build it back up again yeah I think so riding look I grew up in New York and watch does nicotine in the rat holes meant right now or have only played red Auerbach zoned in there was a very similar style of play there you know is it was passed first you know less dribbling more patents screening if you think about a week you know we talk about small ball now both of those teams had small centers they dig the use of the mixed use wills read away from the back because he was going to school chamberlain so the Celtics bill Russell was six nine and it was more of a runner Carol Nolan athletic guy so they date they played small ball remember to use the pass and you talk about Nelly speaking with right all back on a regular basis that's how still Jackson told the coach all the years with the Knicks he hurt his back couldn't play and he basically became read also it's assistant coach and then you fast forward you know twenty five years died influence icy and Steve Kerr from Phil Jackson so you know all these philosophies and and different you know styles of play they all grow from somewhere else no one really comes up with their own wait a plate it's just kind of wrinkles and an evolution of of different styles of poor so I want to ask both you guys were talking to Chris Mullin joining us on the toll road current Brookshire at Tommy I want you to join in on this we have judge bushel on earlier in the week and he was on those those great bowls team the second go round for winning championships and he mentioned how rod but not at the five how you know rod was very good defender one of the greats of all time rebounding just Dynamo but having him at the five and then throwing Pippen and Harper in Jordan now to just you know mall along the perimeter layer I think U. S. that question yeah I mean that that's how they were able to do that so this is a personal question for me if Charles Barkley had been able to get out on to John Stockton it gave six of the ninety seven west finals rockets might have gone to the finals and they would have had a keen Clyde Drexler and an old but still okay Barkley going up against that great bulls team that would throw Robert out there to center and I know the rockets were old team because they hit eighty Johnson Mario Elie in their guards weren't very good but I'm curious what dream being that near the height of his powers back then with the rockets have had a chance to to get that series from them or what Jordan in just his all right it is good as those bolts both teams wore it wouldn't matter they would have got it just like the jazz got it just like Phoenix got in those other four teams that lost to yeah I I I would you know I think the the comparison to Utah's probably a good comparison cues call call alone was basically you know he would step off the block a little bit where he's played on the post like a king all his work was done down the post wanting to Charles was not at the height of his powers at that point he was definitely on on the telly his career yeah I just wanna watch the game last week rod and I we were on that play John one of my favorite no wonder underrated overlooked guys when you talk about great players of all time so but you know drug John D. Kelly twenty years the probably the first ten years which is insane it is zero three he was always you know entirely remember we played them used to tear him to score because John was so unselfish if you got to twenty you stop feeling guilty and I would stop and he could've got fifty if you want hello I would like but that play rod that that which are made that three Clark went on to the screen right a late on call and it was the you know like a second gap they would they would both our colleagues at this reminded him and swore Kerr and John was wide open so we just want a simple form of plays like they they messed up the quits hi Matt Barkley win with Clyde who was on coral he went with the baby they went to the left it must have been two or three steps to the left it was almost like he had a hole in the clouds waste they do like bro Stockton is stated hugged himself go under and go to that guy Tom if you want to sing let it go feel free let it go thank you I'll tell you what what else he was underrated Molly John Stockton was underrated dirty and I respected that from a point guard but avoid trying to get through a screen from this dude if you didn't catch an elbow or a knee you got lucky your you know it's funny and I I'd say one of the two stocks yeah along hello through though is for you last week I was watching their tourist destinations are I think he was a sophomore at Davidson and it's funny you know when you don't see a lot of a guy you think you came out of nowhere he was doing that stuff like his whole life we do now not not to the degree but I watch him get forty Arkansas governor Mike I would I don't remember that and he was doing all the same stuff that you make the sodden just have total command of the whole arena and John Stockton was like that two degree to good with John John playoff eight tried out for the eighty four in the beginning and he he was before the last car and he was then he was certain screens they're cute all the things you saw him do you have using MBA he was doing it inside it just nobody start yeah you know who else was like I'd under rated speaking of jazz basketball Jeff horn is that that guy was an underrated player he didn't look at this he didn't look like he Katie if you decide who you gonna pick just by based on looks the part been close the last player picked in every game and that guy would first you got a guy could shoot he was smart he needs said Gee up I always I always enjoyed watching him play because he was a guy that if you didn't take it seriously he is a guy who dropped forty idea no doubt and and he's the one that put the jazz over the top they what they're really really good you know it's our Griffith they have Bobby Hansen eight data really good genes but when they got a hold on a sec they made that next step to get to the finals back to back years and to whom what to better players to play for Jerry Sloan and John Stockton and you have four step forth it was a walk on and I will stay while he and he really developed into a good player well done Chris modem the only guest let Molly I always want to ask you you know just yeah I'm sure there's a lot of lot of expiring young basketball players sit on the couch right now going you know what how my gonna get my career going either high school was a college wiser they have pro aspirations but you you've had one of the most amazing careers in one of the things that I read about you did maybe even before you ever got to St John's well as a kid was was leaving Brooklyn and traveling to the Bronx going to Harlem and playing pick up games against better guys and I'm just kind of wondering if you could share with us what some of those early days were like where is it where you were you apprehensive were you nervous how did how did you get treated and and do you remember when they finally said you know what you're accepted out here obviously game recognizes game right yeah allow yeah so we talked I think last week Iraqi border Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lew Alcindor so when I was at our memorial which is a new common ads on sixty third street in Amsterdam right by Columbus circle so that point time I was traveling from Brooklyn.

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