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Are but so it'll be interesting to see what the effect of of having the speakers to the side where the light is going to be off to the edges and you'll have sort of a dead zone sort of right in the middle your monitor so it'll be interesting to see you know how how that compares to to display mounted lighting for for that bias bicy fat that's in a strip that's the thing yeah i don't know that's a good question but if someone might have to test that yes i'm i'll take a look into it as soon as i get to that part of the testing from what i've seen though the lighting effects seem pretty cool in a just kind of going through the audio section because they just they by default they they beat to the to the music it's an audio visualize our effects and they seem pretty accurate pretty pretty good timing on that so that'll be because so be sure to check pc dot com in the next few days for our review of those and i believe we also have this keyboard in although i'm not sure who's on on deck to review this this is the g five thirteen mechanical gaming keyboard it's got the romer switches and it also has that light sink so this is just like every other company logitech has the their rgb stuff going through their their gaming app or there were they call the lodge gaming software program so with a logitech keyboard your logitech speakers logitech headset watch tech mouse you can get all your rgb all sinked up and blind your your neighbors and your roommates and also i've been told this this is shore's better performance during games it's it's like adding stripes to your car it makes it faster this makes you better so the speakers the g five sixty are going to be two ninety nine one ninety nine two hundred dollars and they'll be soon they're available for preorder right now unless sticks website and the g five fifteen chief five thirteen keyboard will be one fifty when that launches next month.

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