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I'm not matter you know they do but like John. Just said it. It's not there's more to it. It's not just the quarterback like there's eleven players on the field for each team at any given time right like kyle in like if you were to give give him a win or a loss based on his play as an individual probably probably have been lost probably takes an l. there with three fumbles. He threw the ball fine. I guess who's very very conservative throwing the ball but did you hit his his. His depth adjusted accuracy. QC is like really really average. It's just he he needed his let it fly. He has Greg Olsen got mad on the one down the scene where he was wide open open calendar though and he's done that a lot where he kinda double clutches when he's about throw and then ended up just checking down so it's probably his fault that Christian every touch displays place. I think the problem with Kyle Lounge right now is keys is not necessarily sure what he's looking at down the field like I won't take this away from he's got a good accurate ball. When he's on the ball down the field the problem is he doesn't really pull the trigger when he needs to the at times like he did have those tooth rows to Curtis Samuel which even though he missed them down the field he he made one later in the game but I think he threw the ball three times sam down the field night appreciated the fact that the can't the panthers were doing that just because it forces the defense to respect that but it feels like Kyle Allen a lot of problems are just that he doesn't make a decision quick enough and they're between the one sack fumble fumble where he didn't step up and pocket. Jj Watt hit him or the one where he liked decided to try and run and got sacked and there was another fumble. It's like Kyle Allen seems to struggle with making a decision and that's almost worse than a quarterback just checks it down or throws it out of bounce the chance because luckily it worked out for allowing on Sunday because the panthers still one but in like I would say seven out of nine games. You'll lose those games because of the decisions Kyle Allen's three and yet they can be damned. He's three now as the starter veteran Cam Camden three now but that's but that's just like being a backup quarterback though like that's almost every back quarterback in a nutshell is yeah you have the NFL like arm talent but your decision making is not where it needs to be. Vat of the year is making his. They're the talent. Isn't there like it's kind of an inverse with a lot of yeah I think more of them probably have arm talent. I think there are several players lots and lots of people that have arm to play quarterback in the NFL but it's the processing speed that gets a lot of people and that's check out the American Ninja Warrior podcast for a behind the scenes look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown forecast avengers of college football podcast it says here during the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled every Tuesday. We talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn warren middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you you want to take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP Kyle Allen has kyle stealing right now is to be a nick foles which is not a bad thing in my opinion you're in the game with cray right supporting cast right opponents in Kyle could very well win. Super Bowl Cam Newton studied soap. It doesn't get to that point. I hope not too but we don't know with Cam so but I'm sorry but I will laugh so hard. If Cam is hurt for the year we win the Super Bowl Colin and that would be the funniest I most panthers thing ever that would be the chaos and she super bowl that we liked to root for the best Thailand the best part kyle goes out and throws four touchdowns in the Super Bowl and we dislike oh no divest would be kinda goes out in like Peyton Ayton Manning's a team to the super bowl where like the team carries him on their Mac ever yeah he kyle just like seventy five quarterback rating for the season throws like three touchdowns and eight interceptions in the playoffs and the defense carries a team to the Super Bowl people be like Oh. You're willing to Super Bull Yeah we win the Super Bowl like thirteen to nine or twenty fast gaming yeah yeah it would be the best could happen. The panthers have played a lot of teams. Who will I should say all the teams who prefer to throw the ball more than run the ball this week they face Garter Men's issue the second who is the most entertaining player in the NFL right now I must say and he is coming off a game where he came back against the Broncos and won a football game despite the broncos pretty much having it in the bag and and Garner Menchu versus Josh Allen Kyle Allan Allan as he announces to say Josh Allen mm-hmm Battle of the backups. It's going to be a fun fucking time but one thing I want to touch on real quick is as the Jaguars ran the ball a lot on Sunday they Leonard fournette average ten yards yards a carry. He ran for two hundred and twenty yards on the on the ground and John. I know you that I know that you think that running. The football is stupid. I mean in any sense into that now you you. You've always said that passing. The football is a better place to run the football. Oh well yeah obviously so oh. The panthers will finally face a team that is really committed to run the football and over the last four weeks. The panthers haven't been great against the run. They've they've been really good against the pass and setting the team up to throw the football like forty fifty times allows their pass rush to get after them it but I think this is the team that is committed to running the football and this could be a problem so John you and I I have argued about this in the slack a little bit so give me your thoughts on Sunday as far as the Jaguars being a running football team. What do you think like. What do you think the defense in this regard? You should root for every team to be a running team against you because it makes it easier to stop so in simple terms where where did the panthers rank in total defense right are in rushing defense defense right now. Let me look it up. Hold on I know the number. One and number is not that. It's like twenty fifth or something right yeah something like that. Where do the panthers rank in pass Defense Number One. Where do they rank in events that I don't know five. They're a top five defense. Despite having a bad rushing defense it does not matter but the other quarterback has thrown the ball Watson through it the fifty times this weekend I know that the cardinals through it probably about fifty times the rams through it a lot to the only time they really even had success was on the ground. There are like three times that you can point to where teams have been able to win. Games is purely based on running the ball a vikings did in week one last week yeah but they scored sixteen points like they won because their defense like from a defensive point of view you and they scored sixty points return to block punt for a touchdown like their offense didn't work but it's the same thing. I've talked about a lot in the past like the Panthers Panthers even if they give up five yards per carry the five yards per carry isn't an accurate measure of what they give up on a per play basis with the run. It's really like to yards one yard two yards three yards twenty five yards and so on and so forth throughout the course of a game teams have to pass no matter what like sixty percent of the time they run the ball. They're gonNA gain like one or two yards at most and they're going to be behind the sticks and they have to catch up if you can stop them when they have to throw to catch up. You're you're fine. There is no it's almost impossible to go through entire game and not have to pass you can go through an entire football game and not have to run so it's more important this out the best yeah but what happens if they run the ball twenty five times and get over two hundred yards rushing. They'll probably get those two like seventy five percent of those yards on like three runs runs in the panthers will stop be fine for the other ninety percent of the carries bustling format the net yeah especially this is wonderful. That's wonderful link Jordan and then he'll rush ten times for one yard. I think Leonard Fournette has like three seventy. Five yard runs in the average is like two yards per carry for the rest of his career. I guess my concern would be this was a Cam Newton run panther's offense. I wouldn't be concerned about it but this is a kyle. Allen Run Panther's offense where they've scored aside from the cardinals game. You know you should be concerned at all. Brian Kyle got this. He's a franchise quarterback only does win. Trump polly does win win. No matter what the yeah I'm not I am zero percent concerned about the Jaguars run game and I think it's one of those things that ll it's frustrating for old school football fans and it's tough. It's a kind of it. Definitely doesn't look good live when you watch the panthers give up several big runs but it's one of those things over the course of many many years in many many games of of data. It comes out like Oh you can survive. Those rare big plays. Come out of the running game. I'd be less concerned about it if it was like Sean mcvay but it's Doug marrone we're talking about. He's an old school head coach. They're going to run the football John. It's GonNa Happen. I don't care how successful it is in the first clue nut chair either. GonNa Football as much as they can. I don't know Ma'am am after after the first half that could be a problem. I don't think so have you ever seen like I guess it's not true because Eric's have good running games. I've got offense but like there are no teams that are like we're just. GonNa run. Run run run run and have a top offense. The adults been doing it for a while. They don't have they always throw more than people. Give them credit for they do but over the last two years run the ball more than any other team in the league. Have they been a top offense last year. They were yeah scoring or yardage yardage. I'm looking at right now. It's an offense really this year last last year. Last year their eighteenth and offense s a horrible top top. I know they were one of the top teams committed to run the football last year and they did make the playoffs yeah but it's it's. That's like the the false equivalence thing where it's just like..

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