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A situation. That's no fun. No but this is. This is sports. All right saw Super Saucy the Major League Baseball Player Association expects to counter. Mlb's economic proposal by the end of the week according to ESPN. Now the new proposal would include more than one hundred games in a guarantee of a full prorated salary for the twenty twenty season. I am confused. Same according to the athletic the NBA is working at a multiple multiple. I like Malta. Mix You guys start up. Knock lady very delicious. Did you guys have appeared? You know what I'm talking about. Yeah multiple multi multi multi multi mobile. Yeah have a sponsorship. Well good mix. How the largest star get free to? Mikey likes a protein shake. I'll give you one of those shake you up the NBA is worked. Ah now multi-phase medical slash safety protocols towards the restart Play let might be coming back and the waitress to play. The current projections have in market training camps in July than camps and scrimmages in Orlando than resume play late July early August also from the athletic NBA players and staff who are currently outside of the United States are now allowed to reenter the USA via the US Department of Homeland. Security issue. Jim Carrey's and Andrew Kramer yesterday the Star Tribune reported that Garrett Bradburn zoom call with twincities reporter. Says he's been working out at Adam. Phelan's Jim in small groups and last before you rent me again. But just don't underst- What is the biggest non story ever. I'm not ripping you understand. It's just so we're we're so craving sports news like guys working out together. It's like did you hear they worked out for God's Sakes this is rock bottom rock bottom. It's like right. Bradberry worked out breaking news. Now I'm not ripping new. I saw it explode on twitter yesterday to like. Wow he got together with him mind blown. That'd be cool though. If you said Gary Bradbury's working out without he's decided he wants to be a receiver breaking news that the story. No Bitch okay. I don't want to. It's toward us here. I just couldn't believe how much vikings reporters were losing their minds over that little nugget. That was just worthless. GotTa have it so you guys know this answer. Why can they work out but nobody else can work? I don't know but all gym's close. Yeah Yeah I don't know corier. All Gym's closed. Jim swatted down. The street been close for like two months now his deal one of those ones who don't want to go back to work on my neighbor. He's pissed at me right. It's the swinger guy you're Moscow mules all those. I don't care and they're really good. You chapter is drink. That makes thank. You Again. Makes a few of them if you want me to. What else remains a Moscow mule? Wealth is capable of mixing together very good at making Moscow. Mules he makes a really good old fashioned. He gives a good old time great stuff. Thanks man yeah that has to be A. I'm running out of ink and the guns tastes. Pretty good if.

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