Paul Anka Recalls His Time Working With the Rat Pack


Paul anka. It's so great to see you. I wanna ask you. You're sitting in front of a zillion gold records Where they happen to be your gold records for the most part of my keble michael jackson elvis presley other artists have been involved with most part a lot of those that are from nineteen fifty seven on. Now you worked with the folks. You you've mentioned. I mean i should mention this upfront. If i were better my job recently you've worked with drake the weekend Michael boob lay andrea bocelli. Olivia newton john. We were talking about your time with sinatra. How did it end up that you were working with what we today. Call the ratpac. No greater fan of dean martin than yours. Truly amazing that you knew these men. Well we have to go back to the beginnings you know the record business and the business that i was in was primarily run by the boys the boys mafia whatever and that was cool. There are great work for we knew what a position was but they ran everything they own the clubs the only record companies etcetera so when i started beginning success for young I realized who was working for. I realized you know how i was to be myself and i started working to copacabana. Which was the testing ground in new york city. I was successful. And i got the word that now that new york went very well. We're sending out to vegas to the boys and you're gonna work in vegas. So what year are we talking about. Big apartment what year we talking about. Fifty eight nine hundred fifty. Started sophie tucker. Which was i guess. My audition did well with her. And then it evolved into the sixties started working sands right from their youngest kid. Never worked there and here. I was with all these guys. Were my idols realizing that. Bobby darin frankie avalon still these kid idols. But we knew this at the end and we realized that we had to evolve survive into something else thus we had these guys that we looked up dean martin sammy and break so i like to sand started working and guys mentored me. They took me in. Because that's making money for them indirectly directly. The boys ran the place and we became very very

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