A Comprehensive Defense of America's Embattled Constitution


We are blessed everybody. We are very very blessed to live in. A country still has some semblance of a divinely. Inspired form of government of the independent jewish judiciary rule of law consent to the govern- checks and balances and that started today. Not actually today. But on this day i should say many many years ago in seventeen eighty seven the united states constitution after it was the seven articles were at least conditionally approved by the constitution convention. They had to go state by state so they had to go. Delaware was the first state rhode island was the last state to ratify and to approve it and there are seven articles of the united states constitution. It wasn't until seventeen. Ninety one that the bill of rights was passed and ratified by all the states. And that's actually what most people know is their constitutional rights first amendment second amendment amendment fourth amendment first amendment right to speech not to be infringed upon by government. Secondment the right to bear arms third amendment. That soldiers don't come into your home fourth amendment. The government can spy on you fifth amendment. You're right against self-incrimination. Six seven and eight all about process speed and a speedy speedy and quick jury of your peers against long imprisonment unfairly ninth amendment which actually one of my favorite amendments to the constitution which says that anything that is not in the constitution does not mean that it's not protected tenth amendment. Things that are not in here are protect are then given to the states and to the people that the for. That's the first ten amendments to the united states constitution. But that actually wasn't part of what we're celebrating today. If i remember correctly december seventeen ninety one that the bill of rights was was ratified. James madison wrote. It is our reason alone that must be placed in control of the government. Our passions must be controlled by it. The constitution spreads power over time and over land makes it hard to change. Things makes it hard to conduct. Quick revolutions you see the founding fathers in this constitution. And this is the best way to defend. Somebody asked me say charlie what conservatives actually believe said. It's very simple. We believe in natural law. We believe in a natural law. Giver founders knew this they wrote it in the declaration which is why the declaration is a partner of the constitution. They go right into each other. As dr larry arnn from hillsdale college would say it's the founders key. They are meant for one

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