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That's quitting and if you wanna point to the fact that it ended that way okay i won't even argue with that just don't tell me that the man is five because he couldn't advance in a place where you know good dan while he ran into the brown emma side and build a team equipped to deal with lebron you don't beat lebron james by trying to attack inside with vallon tunis and serge bacher or trying to or i'll have in a primary weapon being a guy that plays his position essentially tries to play like him the manga rozen shot twenty seven percent from three point range three point shooter he's caused by taking it to the whole because he's let it he's gifted and he's usually bigger than most of the guys he's going up against that's not the case when you're going against lebron james who's going to be bigger than lebron james ladies and gentlemen kevin durant taller but who's going to be bigger you don't beat lebron james bob being a guy who thought authentic success on the basketball court is predicated on his ability to finish at the basket that's lebron james you gotta be lebron james the way steph curry lebron james the way jane kevin durant beats lebron james that's by shooting long range have figured that out why do we look at houston and go to stay warriors and think they have a chance because james harden and kevin durant and steph curry and klay thompson bombs away the broadcast do anything with that which going to somebody that pulls up from thirty.

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