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A lot more going across the middle you bet and i told her raji. I kinda tried a lot of the back to one thing that happened about seventeen eighteen years ago they head injuries the cpa settlement. She settlement the movie. That came out with all that bad publicity about the doctor. All these players having problems with their head injuries some of them starting to commit suicide they change those rules a lotta. I think that's a lot of it. I also think that offense they they recognize it. And maybe there's some of this is due to fantasy football but they recognize how much exciting how exciting offense is for people. They want him more. But i do believe that. There's also a degree of not wanting to be held liable for stuff like like they understand that chris it could wand up they might lose big money. You know like like they settled. There might be like a situation where they say you didn't take any safeguard you didn't make the game safer you know. And then and then you've got a class action suit of all these players saying that. They played in a dangerous game and they didn't do anything to improve it so if they take those steps and even though you know what you're signing up for it kind of protects them and also another element rob. They're not practicing like they used to nails to practice. Full you tackling and practice nine now for the most part no. Hey let's go to curtis in phoenix arizona. Urine the couple of fox. Sports radio curtis. What's happening guys. How your call her by longtime listener. Keep claiming here. We appreciate you want to say that the game is definitely have gotten a lot softer than it was because nowadays your middle linebacker is moreover cover guy if you look at to back. Dan like back in the day for me. Like ray. Lewis and patrick willis and bob sanders and brian dawkins and people. When you knew you're gonna get hit hard. It doesn't matter that's what ray lewis eight. It's not about what you're gonna do no running a route. It's about when you get the ball. So i'm more like these people were are now are not even looking to get hit. They're they're taking the dive there they wanted to have this long career to make it to the all the same so with a new helmets and new things like that. You would think that they'll feel safety. But now this game has definitely changed and get to the point where we can't even you know. Look at the people. Celebrate a good hit or cat. That's running found a great hits that you used to know those those days a long gone. How 'bout jeff in virginia. You're on the odd couple. Sports radio up. Jeff guys been a long time. Yes men facebook once in a while. Rob but I i it's been a while you know how everybody's just a crazy world crazy busy guy that called appointment radio. I try to split point television to my kids. They look at me like a two and watch whenever they want when they wanted on demand. Right exactly i wanna get right to. It just wanted to tell you Recently i heard Bruce smith. I can't remember when it was talking about maria the mall would be gone. He could take at least a step and a half and run into young and flatten them. You know. and there's no flag no nothing As far as those Records go just. I just a marino night. But i'm talking about those records. How long did those major records latin he did at that day. That would all that would kind of be like if somebody throws for like seven thousand dollars writes down what what he was trails or something. It was remembered was. We didn't have a running game but still the numbers he put up were. It was like soon as far ahead of everybody. No no doubt about it all right. We got foul or fair with jr gamble from mlb bro. Says you need to know. It's coming up next but verse be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven. Pm eastern four pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app was a big week in the big leagues bye for is it fair and now from mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gambling. That's right it is our fair. The october fox sports radio be around the diamond to discuss all the biggest stories in the world of baseball in order to do so properly we had to bring in the real star of the inside. The parker podcast. None other the my man. Jr gamble was our good. He may odd couple now. Listen is the phone sounds good. You paid your bill off of mental. Yes was not yet great thick of this week patient to the show man. We respected our appreciate it. Rain sound great. Yes sir so you got this same it works. I got three baseball stories. Give all these guys crack edible because jr is the star of the segment. He gets the first ups at every single was here. We go question number one earlier. This week rays outfielder kevin care. Meyer slid into home plate during the action. An index card fell out of the catcher's pocket which included notes on how the blue jays pitchers would attack the raise hitters. It was great cure. Meyer pick it up. Took it to the race dugout later on when the blue jays senate that way over to get the card back as like now czars now. We're keeping it. Jr foul or fair of the race to keep that little scouting report. Back is a foul ball but purely gamesmanship and it's a bit childish collecting data on opposing players. That's supposed to be something that celebrated today right with metrics five big of a reason why the raise would-be upset as advances metric department. Is they probably just want to laugh at the blue jays. Use an index call. I say it's fair finders keepers losers weeper. Sorry hold on to it but your back pocket. Good i mean. I don't know what you want. You lost it. If it was important to you what would your parents say. You wouldn't a loss commend anything to you. How many times did that. I'm with rob on this. I s fair. I'm sorry. I mean you lose it in. The course of the game is one thing if they go in there purposely. Try to snatch it out of your bag but you lost it. We got no no. I figure exactly goto rested a game without it. If you don't have computers or other index cards than the info shame on you real legit go the old school row bang a trash can come on here. We go so much story number two jr game. I'll be bro here with the couple. The padres have struggled most of the second half of the season roller coaster for them. They've lost four straight entering wednesday and then still cbs. Sports dot com says the wildcard playoff. Matchup they most want to see is padres versus dodgers. Jr foul or fair to say that the up and down padres are still must see tv that that is.

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