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Go to MacMillan podcasts dot com, and we've got links to Oliver shes fantastic. The other thing which is happening in tandem with podcast is the dramatic rise of audiobooks the audience audio books and seems to be really the fastest growing part of publishing these days. And I'm sure you you have a unique seat in a way to compare what you can do in a podcast versus what an audio book does. And when you think of those two mediums both of which can come through ear buds off of your phone. There's sort of delivered in a similar way. What do you see as the essential differences in advantages of those two mediums? Well, certainly we can think of podcast as an entry point to audio books. They are less of a commitment. They are free. They can actually give you great insights into book discovery podcasts can move at a more rapid pace. For example, the show. I was just talking about. We did an episode on what happened with the cavenaugh appointment right after that happened. So that we were able to be somewhat more nimble and take something that was really relevant and timely and gives them great content to our listeners. I think that's a little more challenging on the audiobook front that said there's a lot of interesting ways, we have sort of worked together with the audiobook team here still stars, which I think you've heard of his audio drama that was a project that we embarked upon with our tour. Science fiction imprint here and getting media and outside company headed by MAC Rogers, who's a really well known playwrights of scriptwriter and podcast writer. He wrote the message and life after which were to huge hit. Podcasts. So the three we all partnered together to create steal the stars. Which was an audio drama that we kind of call ocean's eleven meets arrival. It's a great great story. And we called it podcast. I so what we did. There was we worked with MAC and his team brilliant director, John that Jordan Williams, and we put together an audio drama. It was a fourteen part series. And we launched the podcast. I forecast fourteen member cast a great production values after we released that we continue to promote the podcast, but we took those audio assets. And we turn them into an audio book. We also did a live event where we recorded a prequel to steal the stars and included that as bonus content, which was kind of cool, and then we took those assets in also turn them into an e book and a trade paperback using a writer from the Gideon team to create the novelization. That's amazing. It's kind of I don't know if it's the reverse of the normal way of doing there is no normal way to have such a seamless integration of all of those platforms that that struck me as incredibly innovative thing that you did with steel the stars. I listened to it too. It was gripping. Oh, great. I'm glad to hear it at digital book world. We're both there in Nashville and McMillan was honored with best use of podcasting in book marketing, let's talk a little bit about smart things that MacMillan is done in that use the actually using podcasting for book marketing, so we have a show called. But that's another story. It's hosted by one of our senior vice presidents here who's also a New York Times bestselling author. We'll Schwab I think, you know, of well, we think you and I talked about him at digital book world, he does sort of a book discovery show. But it's got a twist he brings someone in and talks to them about a book that changed their life. So it's a really cool way to get. You know authors in here to talk about books that change their lives in a really meaningful and powerful way. He said guests like Sam Sanders. Mario Andrew and just great people who have really compelling stories to tell and they always talk about a book that changed their life. So it's it's it's done, really. Well, too popular show it's called. But that's another story. I'll give you a sort of a classic example. We have a host on the quick and dirty tips network. Her name is Ellen Hendrickson, Dr Ellen Hendrickson, and she's nationally recognized as one of the leading experts in social anxiety. She has a weekly show called the savvy psychologist, and she covers all kinds of topics related psychology. The show did really well we spent about an eighteen month period. Just really building her platform..

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