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All you really should get more time with your kids this site wall I'm a single dad and I have the kids all the time so well I very much enjoy having three or four additional hours with them like I feel like and and my kids will attest to this I think we're we're good with the balance we struck up how much dad is hanging now in participating I think that they're good for the three hour like going to your talk show dad Mike where we're good so but glad to be back I got my friend a broadcast partner Roland Varga issues going to join me in the next segment I don't know about you guys I I was kinda into the lance documentary and blame it on you know live sports or whatever and and maybe that's part of the contribute by I thought it was it was worth a watch I just don't know how much we learned from it all right and I'll I'll say this I know we didn't learn as much about that whole Lance Armstrong thing is we learned with Michael Jordan and maybe that was because I came in late in the second three peat and I was around for the entire lance thing and so I kinda knew a lot of it but there are there were some things I I thought it was that was interesting I I thought that there were also parallels between Michael Jordan and lance Armstrong not a ton but there was one in particular that I kind of saw that China is similar to Michael Jordan or any athlete that at any time and I know lance Armstrong is is what chemically enhanced I get I get that but I'm just saying the mind set of arguably the greatest athlete in a sport I think there's some common traits so want to get into that discussion with rolling coming up in the next segment we'll talk about the NBA's return to play plan we don't know everything yet we should know on Thursday when the board of governors approved this thing what exactly it's going to look like down in Orlando but we know some things that we least know what white proposal has momentum so get into that coming up at the bottom of the hour if you want to weigh in five two two nine eight seven two love to hear from you after not hearing from you I'm on it for a week so feel free to fire away whatever's on your mind I just talked about the match in now is a full like we could go and I like I don't care I want to talk about it so whatever's on your mind feel free to give me a shout at five two two nine eight seven two and then there's baseball and then there's baseball I it has not gotten any better for baseball after the owners made a proposal to players switch in the player's minds would I.

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