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The valley beyond the valley beyond is not meant for the death bringer according to goes nation but dolores says it no it was meant for the people who built this place tool to ensure their immortality and i'm going to use it against them goes nation argues that it's not a tool it's a door to a new world that's untouched by blood deloris says your new world is just another one of their tracks it's not a paradise for us the only real world is the one outside these borders so stopping there to just like unpack what we think the door represents and what the valley beyond represents it does seem to me based on the way that they're talking about this place it seems like they're talking about like some sort of digital world right like because she's talking about the only real world is the one outside these borders and your new world is just another one of their traps right because i still think that the value beyond is a storage facility of both brain balls and skin suits so like ritz rebuild using dna of everybody under the cold storage under the water and the way delors talks about it is like when she's flashing back to her experience in the actual world there's a door to the outside world yeah it's fascinating because i asked to think about the fact that goes nation was basically tried to recruit mavis saying your path is the same as ours whereas they're telling tiller and get the f away from us dead they don't trust the loris yeah no faith the lawrence whatsoever yeah i mean it seems like they're very aware of her different endgame well dolores and goes nation or not going to be able to come to terms on this one battle breaks out teddy and dolores are the lone survivors from their side of the aisle akitas best friend whose name i do not recall off the top of my head he escapes ease able to get out of there and that's our first glimpse that evil teddy quite as evil starting to resist just to touch the twins twitching teddy twitching daddy twitchy teddy reminding his last week's episode is so beautiful than i forgot how it ended but where is the key to akita and his people are heading toward the door and says the death bringer has returned it's time to head towards the door and he tells me that he'll watch out over maid's daughter and maeve join us if you can and if not die well and she says take my heart okay thank you thank you i have to say that it you know not this was a bottle of a soviet was physically about williamson end it's so interesting i found myself far more affected by the story of the host of a keach that influenced him i definitely agree and i think that because this episode has it's it's it's kind of a chess pieces episode yeah it's it's a lot of table setting for whatever's going to happen in the finale it it does feel that way them the man in black story is the most personal story of the episode outside of like the dolores in teddy thing but the bank of there's only two scenes of them and i know that they've been building towards this all season long i felt like i needed a little bit more for that to have like full impacts for me i loved the flash of teddy coming online that was that was that was a beautiful moment james marsden played the hell out of that but there's just a lot happening in this episode almost too much for me especially coming off the heels of of the the really amazing qixia not that this was a bad episode by any stretch of the imagination i think it just had a lot of heavy lifting that it had to do it's the what they died for it the right place it's the episode drink drink drink drink drink all right so let's go to the mesa bernard walking around he is spying on charlotte hale who has brought the clementine shell back to back to life angeles rafi and is really spectacular in in this series just playing all of these different terminators she's just so good i would totally watch the heck out.

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