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Get the ball back on the final drive and the defense looks all sorts of sorts. They don't know the final call. Some guys blitz. Some guys don't, they ran cover zero against the rams in a situation where they didn't need to make that call. And I think in a lot of ways they Tom Brady looks at that and says, man, this coaching staff is really hurt me in a lot of ways more than it has helped me. So the plot, I'm still not going to say thickens because I think it just adds again to this idea that Tom Brady wanted this on his own and is pissed. But but Evan, Tom Brady senior. Oh no. Now, tell us K run out in San Fran on the Bay Area news affiliate. He is not retiring, he is saying. Again, this is Tom Brady senior that let me put it up here again, full quote. This is wild. His son is not retiring. He says an online publication started circulating in unsubstantiated rumor that online publication is ESPN. He will not even name them by name. However, a number of NFL insiders are now reporting it. So now Brady senior is jumping in there. Wild. Wild, so on it goes. Again, this is like not to pile on shifter, but if this is wrong and Tom Brady ends up coming back to Tampa Bay next year and was never actually retiring, this is one of the bigger snafus any reporter could possibly have. This is the story of the off season regardless of what happens the rest of the off season. Aaron Rodgers, all these things be damned. Tom Brady retiring from the NFL is the biggest story of the off season. And if that is butchered by ESPN, it's going to be tough to come back from that. It honestly is. Wouldn't it be funny? Like, all of chef's chickens coming home to roost here. All this transactional journalism over the years. You know, getting this one wrong is would be a real, you know, would be a tough one at this point. So we don't know. We don't know. We don't know. Now it is getting fun. Now I wanna stay. Evan and I are gonna stay on the air for a week until this is resolved at this point. Because now this is like a murder mystery, you know, like this isn't just sitting here and telling waxing poetic and telling stories about Tom Brady. This is now getting interesting. There's a little bit of interest. So I say we hang on the air for a little bit longer and just see where this goes. If it's going in one direction or another, I also think I should plug in my computer before it completely runs out of gas. What do you think, Kevin? I agree. I think we can also talk a little bit Josh McDaniels here because as much as this story is going to go back and forth. I don't think we're going to get a definitive answer here. We might not but we've got momentum. I'm afraid to switch gears at this point, but you're right. We can definitely switch to McDaniels very quick. Let's catch everybody up again. And again, a lot of you are already on top of this because people are telling us in the chat what's coming up and what people are tweeting about. ESPN, it's reported late last night, decision imminent by Jason lock on fora. And then earlier today, ESPN reports definitively, it's done. He's leaving. And Tom Brady's retiring..

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