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Radio a 50 A M 94 1 F ound from Bedford Sports Traffic Center. You shouldn't have any problems making your way around on the majority of freeways. You gotta find that there's no open air quote. We're causing any major problems. You're gonna find Speed's gonna be normal through the tech center on 9 25. I 70 looks good across town. Six to Lakewood. You've got no issues, and there's no road work that's causing problems on C 4, 70 or 84 70 at this time 36 between here and boulder, there's nothing interfering with the tribe. You'll make the time out to the airport on Pina Boulevard Fox 31 pinpoint Weather Sunshine Today High of 42 with tonight's along, dropping down to about 12 tomorrow Expect the high of 43 is it becomes a partly sunny tomorrow night slow Is going to be about 16 and Friday a high of 37. Currently it's 19. I'm Gary on blonde Kaylie News radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio up more than a few of our patients have talked to me about their first time, but it's not the first time you're probably thinking about. It's the first time that erectile dysfunction ruin the moment. This is Jeff for the Rocky Mountain Men's clinic, and if you're over 50, it's more than likely. You've had that first time yourself. But I also want to tell you that if you're like most men the first time convey the last time that Edie impacts your sex life at the Rocky Mountain Men's clothes. We've treated thousands of men for Edie, using treatments with success rates as high as 90%, and those treatments have in most cases made sex great again for both them and their partners. Some men are even performing like they have in years. So if Edie has been affecting your intimacy, it's time to make the last time that happened. The last time that happens for just $99. You'll get a consul, blood work and if medically advised a testes, and if that test does doesn't work in the office? Your visit is free. Call us today at 7 to 0440 7900..

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