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One you know so what this does is this paves the way for apple maybe But it sounds like eli. Apple is going to be the guy that's gonna get the nod right away in relief of wayne's to to get the start corner it's been an up and down career for ally apple to say the least that's maybe being a little generous so ally apple will get the start opposite of louisiana. The good news that was one of the best players in all of angles. Training camp New face in he. He struggled last year but he was injured. So i think they'll be okay and that other side they may try and things up With with a combination of apple darius phillips and others Playing the outside we will see but trains will now be out there and it is a shame because he's not going up against his former team. Here's the deal. Though wayne signed a three year forty two million dollar contract last off season and then of course he had the chest injury last year If the bengals decide to cut next wayne's next offseason they'll be on the hook for five million dead cap space while saving eleven million that according to over the cap So i i still don't think that the bengals look. There's still a whole season to see how this plays out here with trae wayne's maybe he comes back after a couple of games ends up being a solid starter. Form in. this is just another bump in the road here in this contract. Obviously if these things keep occurring and he doesn't see the field bengals will have kind of not a lot of choice here to the than to probably cut him but that's down the road. We'll see what happens right now. This seems to be a short term injury in a short term issue but trains will not be suiting up against the vikings against his old team which is a bit of a shame. I'm sure he would like to have Exact a little revenge against his old team there as well. I see good good question for my my buddy here The orange arrow. If you're zach. Would you have put him on. Ira soom Derek there is referring to trae. Wayne's i don't know but obviously they feel pretty good Beyond week one that his injury will subside and he'll be able to get out there sooner. Because as you as you just saw khalid green he has a shoulder issue and he can come back. After week three so obviously. The bengals would seem that they were going. They feel that trait. Wayne's is probably going to be able to come back before that time and and we'll be able to start games but you know hamstrings are tricky. We'll see we'll see what happens there but good question there Arm trae wayne's. Let's keep it rolling here with some more recent news with the cincinnati bengals. And we'll start with the kind of less less important or less serious news. Update i suppose this is from our buddy jeff ops and in case you did not know in case you will be at the game in person. The bengals are going to be an all white on sunday. All white uniform so the new unions. They will be rocking the very first one that they will be. Sporting will be the all whites We saw the white uniforms in. Preseason looked pretty clean there so they're gonna go all white with the orange helmet obviously should be a pretty clean. Look in hey. If it's going to be pretty warm Nice to have the white uniforms less those black uniforms kinda soak up the heat a little bit so You know That's that's maybe a good move there. If it's supposed to be pretty warm we'll see but jeff hobson of bengals dot com tweeting out that the bengals are going to go in all white for the opener. We knew the jersey combos that they were going to new jersey's that they were gonna wear but just confirming their the uniform choice also kind of a cool thing That was announced. I didn't have the tweet pulled up. But mike my colleague. You can go on his twitter account. John sharon i think he may have been there off to confirm that with him but at paul brown stadium. Today there was kind of a little announcement elizabeth blackburn and members of the media. It looked like were on hand and Bob johnson the original bangel was designated as the team's very first draft pick at number one overall the offensive. Lineman is going to be the ruler of the jungle on sunday for week. One so he will be in that thrown and getting the festivity started as the bengals take the field etc so That's another little tidbit of news for sunday's game speaking of sunday's game continuing on that vein lucrative ryan there to a awhile here is for mike. Patrizia the bengals depth chart and hopefully you can. You can see this year. Not too many surprises based on how we saw the final roster shakeup some of these last couple of pieces of news that i just brought up about. Trenton irwin about my us about mike daniels etc but you do see despite some of the the catch issues is the starting one of the starting wide receivers with auden tate. A behind him. You've got joan williams quainton. Spain trae hopkins xavier sue phelan riley reef as your starting offense line so not necessarily a who's who of you know perennial pro bowlers. But i think we can all look at that and.

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