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Gordon Chang, Tokyo, Japan discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Good evening i'm john bachelor quickly now gordon chang of the daily beast is arrive back from tokyo where he was very pleased with the turnout of the japanese see pack good evening to you gordon welcome home thank you so much john and it's great to be back here shout out to your japanese colleagues was it as enthusiastic as you characterized when we spoke last week absolutely this was the japanese conservative political action conference basically japanese sepak but instead of actually be your grass grassroots conference it really ended up being one about security about japan's place in asia north korea threat chinathreat we congratulate our colleague professor james homes of the naval war college who is just been a war it a long deserved prize what is it court he got the first very first jc widely chair of maritime strategy at the naval war college and jim homes i know you must be out there listening congratulations has now we're really going to lean on here because you have a chair in addition here it is the end of the year and it's a pleasure to welcome to the studio steve herman the bureau chief for the voice of america at the white house long a very helpful correspondent for this show when steve was in asia moving around very quickly during the earlier part of the century and now he's at the white house and things are good right steve everything's fine there's no turmoil in asia whatsoever it is excellent jack solid and it's calm every day you have time for t you sit around waiting for the latest bomb all from the president and his colleague really hard to find news yeah really hard to find well steve's with this tonight we're going to make him whereas asia had not as white house hacked because we're going to do a deal of asia tonight and we begin with within these last days what gordon says or two gordon characterizes to me is the white house blais blaming uh north korea for a virus the virus is tall a called wannacry who knows where these names come from they just stick that you have to capitalize w w and capitalize see when you say wannacry and we welcome professor lee of the fletcher school of tufts university to help us understand not the wannacry virus that's routine business for bad actors such as.

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