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And now the sui nominees for best revelation lane kiffin on Nick saban's. No hats rule Friday night means which are usually pretty casual there at the hotel for the game. And I had a hat on why didn't know like you are supposed to our hat meeting. I mean, I didn't really never heard of that. So he wasn't very happy that that when I walked out of the meaning, he saw that I was wearing a hat, so like that. So I didn't get to wear hat any more. So how does that conversation go? That? I can't say I'm especially because the the lady you had them before said, make sure you know this is live, so can't say, all right. Can you bleep it out us bleed where you would use the word. Rated r. Jim Brock. Meyer reveals Brent Musburger pooped on his hotel bed about fifteen twenty years ago. We got into it a little bit over the pronunciation of you. Maybe a member Kent herbeck number him. Yes, I. Yes, exactly. I speak a little bit a check and actual correct pronunciation. A his name is Hunchback. Okay. And I told that to most burger and you know what he said to me. He said, I don't care. I don't care. I took it as a slight to the Czech people, frankly, and one thing led to another. I don't know I how. don't know how to say this. He took a dump in my hotel. May. Okay. And he did. Why? What. What was your history? Why would it escalate? It wasn't. It wasn't a small amount. I think he did it on purpose. I can't be totally shoot Djamil hills. Mom called the White House. Been written about a lot. My my mother is very angry at a lot of the coverage. There's some particular people in the highest office. She's not very pleased with either. And so as a result, you know, I have to tell her to calm down. Toby, she actually called the White House which I was like, what are you doing? Your mom..

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