A highlight from Podcast Update


Hi everybody mark here. Just wanted to give you an update on the podcast. I know we haven't released an episode in a while. Dr mike is going through some health issues. It doesn't appear to be anything serious. But he's had this severe chronic fatigue that started about a week after our last show. He's got very energy and is in a fair amount of discomfort and just hasn't felt up to recording in fact he hasn't been back to work since this started. He's hardly been out of the house at all. In fact he missed a trip out to the casino with me last week. So you know he must not be feeling well. He's on some medications and he's waiting to hear back from the doctor about some tests that he recently submitted to so hopefully. We'll get some good news back from that in the meantime thanks to everyone for your concerns and we're hoping to record our next episode very soon. It could even be later this week. But we don't wanna promise anything because it'll depend on how mike's doing you know. Also we talked about a possible upcoming vegas trip but of course now that's very much back up in the air so fingers crossed will be able to make it out there before the end of the year. Anyway again thanks for your thoughts and concerns and we hope to talk to you again very soon.

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