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You're listening to ground zero. I have to admit that when Sam calls I get scared. And the reason why is because he's been accurate. With. Everything he tells us and. Even though we have a bad connection because he's out of the country. I'm still trying to manipulate the phone. So we can get a full. Get full. What I'm saying here just to get the full story here and Sam has been telling us stories and telling us about how they can plant certain stories, psychological operations. You talked about the psychological operation of if you see somebody with their lights off you flip your lights on and off, and they can turn around they'll cut your throat that was somebody. He said that he and his team planted. Of course, he worked for DARPA. I believe it was thirty years Darby's retired. But he said that these are some of the things that they plant these some of the things they do. Some of the things that they carry out. We'll be talking about swarming collective intelligence, these sorts of activities. I'm gonna ask him a question. Let's see I'm going to try and do this year. So sam. You there? Hello sam. So tell me about the about. Collective intelligence, and how Q operates if you know. Selected intelligence. You to collective intelligence Q killing on the. The inside clearance guy. Site inflammation on Trump Trump. Joachim's or collectors? In what we call food. Or heard. Stone. Michael. We split it. About. Boy who flash your lights recently and older the team. Took over President Donald Trump. More rush. Lost there. Waiting. Literally a brain drain. Julie. United states. True to form. Killer who wanted to women. And the public to Lynch. Literally. Awards vehicle much budget. We do what is this? What they're doing in Venezuela. Repeat is this what they're doing in Venezuela? Dawn. That's the charge. So it's always the Chinese trying not always. All this. Mazing? It's expensive. No other countries. I wanna final final. I want to find the words on the Manchurian populist. The perfect possession of a great. Absolutely. Possession over. Joining image. Monetary situation is searching. Miserable culture. This is. Mm student loans. Youtube sport. Jerry. We. Alone since two through your mobile through social media through television, or radio. It allows us to hit you. In terms of the was sufficient seeking to reach you will you. And that's what swarm intelligence. Political. I will say. Probably sixty percents from Jimmy publish political party. Go on. Research. We're like Lucy. She's not allowed to. She. So she. Does he get your chance? Wants him. Poor woman. She's not the criminal. Wow. Sam I again, I think I thank you for your call very informative informative. You are listening to you. No. You too. Some sorts of. Thank you. Sam..

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