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Second to Michigan. Within the running back under center is Patterson brings him in in motion. Fakes the end around looks to throw throws. He's got his and McCue. He drops it. Mccune is open at the twenty six yard line of northwestern. Perfect pass from Patterson that would have been good for about twenty twenty five yard gain. Sean McCue just dropped football. He did. It was a good route good protection. Everything was there. We just didn't complete the end of the play. And north western sideline right now is going completely nuts. They know they've got the momentum right now. Third down into Michigan splits three receivers wide. Right. The setback. He's next to Patterson. They're showing blitz. They throw a quick pass to Nico. Collins Collins makes one man miss fights his way to the forty eight. But he's going to be a yard short of the first down big decision. Now coming from Jim Harbaugh on this possession. Do you go for it? Or don't you Bergen in hall on the stop and with one yard to go forth down. Jim Harbaugh sends in the bench. That's Big Ben Mason, and they're gonna go for. Down the sideline quickly duck. Sean mckim droplets right in front of me. It was a classic case starting to run before you had the football. I formation behind Patterson for thin won the forty eight yard line in north western Patterson gives it to his running back. Hayden. Hayden pounds his way it's going to be close. And I think they're gonna Mark him short. I don't think they're going to give the first down to Koran Hickman. It is short of the forty eight and they needed to get to the forty eight to get the first down. They're going to call for a measurement. But it looks to me like he is short. It was Fisher and new cement on the stop. A big gamble here. Early against the Wildcats on a fourth and one at the forty eight yard line in here. Come the chains. John, do you think he got it? I don't think it's even close. I'm not I don't know that I would even ask for measurement. There are at least a foot and a half shy. They stretch the chains and it is about two inches. And a half might be a little more than you. But if I borrow your glasses. That was that was a lot closer than I thought. But it still doesn't matter. They're still short a foot and a half or two inches. It was fourth down. The ball goes over to north western with one Twenty-one left to play here in the first quarter and Michigan still trailing ten nothing to the Wildcats after the wolverines get stopped on fourth and short from just over midfield. Well, that's a lot of faith that Jim Harbaugh has in his defense. Michigan now goes to. Four man front three-man front, actually and fortune is the quarterback going back to throw looks throws. The ball is not go a beautifully. That's a great defensive play over there by liberty hill, tried to slit cut and hill was right there on the receiver all the way JJ Jefferson was the intended receiver, but lavar he'll knock that away. Second down and ten north west. Well, the Vert leads Michigan in pass breakups. He shows you why right there..

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