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Business ventures dwarf what he makes his basketball player correct you'd have to think that i would imagine everything else meals together right so durant chose the right spot could you imagine because i know that still even in the possibility according to town where mcgrane has no placker signpost is a spot for lebron ago did you see somebody asked dream on green about the prospect of lebron joining the warriors and he said if that happens i probably won't be here honest answer well it was so lebron's not going to golden state if he does but just just even stroll down this road even five seconds the nba should just take the year off what a disastrous decision that would be just give golden state the trophy or just have no champion that year it just we shouldn't even discuss it but maybe all these teams that are a little bit cash cap strapped where he could take what you know the small discount not small not so small what durant's been taking compared to what the big players make big money players we'll brown james salary thirty three and a half million according to forbes his endorsements fifty two million oh that's dorsements quick math that eighty five we're not even talking about is investments right eight four four two four rich number dial when we come back we've got ratings news about gained four and dwayne wade have something to say about lebron's grocery shopping oh come july that's coming up and set up the rest of the week dennis hayes burke kicking off quite a week full of celebrities here in the rich eisen show here at podcast one we love hearing from you we read every tweet and comment you send our way so don't miss your chance to take our summer listener survey just go to podcast one dot com and click on the survey banner or go to podcast one dot com slash survey it only takes a few minutes and it gives you the opportunity to make direct impacts on your favorite shows tell us how you really feel so we can get to know you better we've i'll you your thoughts and participation so check out the survey at podcast one dot com slash mice survey or click on the survey banner on podcast one dot com.

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