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Bishops wish an away and the appreciate to be portal on the Bishop to restore this cathedral because they saw previously said she wanted a new one in of course the true and faithful. We're being loyal to push up so in the early days it was a real struggle to get to get the message across but finally finally and two two thousand fifteen the government appointed I may dia Ta and a working great now. Strew that mediation it started getting lakes getting traction. And when it was put to the final Senate for the answer thy seat will for striking feel ecstatic. Yeah so witness. That witness work done to begin on that. Well as far as to why we're has begun because I've started clearing chance and I've started cleaning it up. I hate to think how much coach you know it'll be it'll be Mesa's date and Leah. But they can be removed and be restored quite easily decide. What have we got a date for when it's going to be about eighteen years? So we're Jason you'll pay at the center of the special or there are a number of people. It can't possibly be one champion for such a big exercise. Many many people have been involved Kamini people at all levels. That's been huge. Bishop Victoria Matthews resigned in two thousand eighteen some months after the Senate overall all to plans to demolish the cathedral in regrets. I think early on. I probably should have gone to the people who are screaming the loudest and saying we can't do this way. Let's let's talk. We kept saying we were going to do that. And then there'd be another lawsuit and never happened. I wish I'd gotten in before one of those lawsuits who those people you're talking about. I'M NOT GONNA name names teams of groups at all heritage people who cared about the reinstatement for the Cathedral. But I'm not getting into names. His heart is not personal. Well the Basal over Christ Church Cathedral Rage. The fate of the other cathedral seemed safe Okay what have we got here. And we've got the Cathedral of sacrament and Barbados Straight assist. This I pay P. E. T. R. A. architecturally designed voting known by historic architects is one of the most beautiful cokie drills in the Southern Hemisphere. What's leafed sits in ruins only eastern outskirts of the city? It's out by Roman pillows with two concrete angels. He was perched up high and the mosaic face of Jesus on the window of the entrance door is obviously a category one here which New Zealand and catergory everyone cross city council district plane badly damaged in the earthquake but not so much as to for the need for it to be demolished to the point that the bishop time but Barry joins decided that it would be restored. What what he could do and the engineers great he could restore the knife in mothball? The wrist to be restored as funds allowed the cost of restoring. It was estimated at one hundred. Fifty million dollars was all cleared the rubble Stein's were all earmarked case is logged in life would push on pellets. And an offside for storage ready to bake and so the restriction. The dime was left it off because the white of was pushing the wolves out and they saw and tate in can be put back. Sorry everything was fine up until two thousand and sixteen and in two thousand sixteen Bush airy joins dodd. Sorry this is we. The Knicks special comes in because the Catholic Church does not have a Senate. The bishop pays the final say so the new Bishop Paul Masson he comes on we are not going to restore it. We're going to build a new cathedral facial and we're trying to build at here. We're going to build it in the city. This is a significant in sad moment. Francis Catholic people in firm Kamini paper on Christ itch for homeless really beautiful building and I want to acknowledge that. And and say Yeah my hyper said if we go we build we. We build something that is beautiful in in in speaks of golden the things that we want to achieve in the Cathedral this fun under the section enthusiast. Emergency Pass hit authority for it. To be demolished not demolished deconstructed the differences in state of putting a bowl on smashing then casting rabble that they take it down. Steinbi- Stein one diaper when Dr and and keep parts of full the new cathedral so we as for cuts for heritage. You're on the back foot we've allowed into this fo seats of security that it was going to be saved and then rush at the last minute. That's not sorry so at such a challenge that I'm afraid despite my be stiff. It's in the group that time convenient for we just can't I can't see airway clear to be able to save it. How does it make you feel it makes me feel thoroughly thoroughly disillusioned like you said you were blindsided estate? Why hasn't been such a big deal as well? Who Do you go? She is only one person his the final signed China and Russia looks so ugly now with size shipping containers. Yeah stuck out the side and you know. The God and I've Agron so what what is going to happen now. deconstructed you Anglican but does the case let cathedral measure to you as much as the Anglican while it's it's not about religion it's about here to an SOBAT ACA teacher in. It's about the beauty of our teacher. That's the detail today. I'm Sharon Break Kelly. The data is brought to you by newsroom. Dot Coaching seed made possible by the Irene seed inside on on and ovation fund hit this. Subscribe Button to stay across the detail every day. And if you're on April please leave a rating as it helps other listeners. Find US this episode beside was engineered by Jeremy Veal and produced by Alexia Russell. Thanks to Dr Anna Crichton and this is the Christ Church Cathedral choir singing and live on. RNC's Nunes Program.

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