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It's still LA, but was a, it's a huge difference from save playing for the clippers and playing for the Lakers man. I mean, there's no comparison when it comes to your brand and this prestige involve, the clip was an NBA team and you gotta respect them. But man, the Lakers are like along with the Yankees. Okay. All right. And the Celtics three most historic franchises in any sport in this country in history, even more even more so in the Cowboys on more so than the paycheck. Hits or I can't think of any NFL. Is there any NFL team up there with the Lakers when it comes to the cowboy Cowboys raiders in the Steelers, five rings Cal football. It's a lot harder. There's. There's not that many teams that have. I mean, only the Steelers have more than them. Right? Yeah, yeah. So it was six. Yeah, show the Cowboys. Are the most the franchise with the highest value of any any franchise in the entire world? Yeah, because it's the NFL the more expensive but out of real estate. I don't think the Kabwe brand is as big as the league brand. No, I think the Laker brain is bigger internationally. I kinda counts basketball's international, but yeah, I think they're in that conversation. So what's the deal when Sanchez that we just waiting for him. Ingram micro. He's gonna pop up at some point ankle choline LeBron is there a comparison historically owes two type players? Save it for the. Let's do that yet. So Abel Sanchez, triple, jeez trainer will join us shortly. Maybe. I mean, they just told he's just trying to locate it. Okay, we've got going on this weekend. He's got nothing. Is he busy? Yeah, exactly. US. Michael question. We'll get to that in just a second, but we've got a couple of polls up this this afternoon. Michael says enough with fortnight. Should we bring back pacman? So I asked, should we fifty percent say, yes, my did. You see eagle less less violent game. Thank you. You can vote on the polls at Sodano ESPN ESPN also on the poll new poll which version of live and let die was better. Paul McCartney or guns and roses, guns and roses, fifty four percent of the moment. Shock again, you can vote at Sodano ESPN. So this is the Rolling Stones. You believe the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles. Oh, you got more soul to music Beatles a more I let you. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Kinda like poppy kind of bubble gummy Rolling Stones, have more soul, more of feeling more passion to them using a gimme shelter. Oh, my God doesn't rate as rock song ever. I do prefer the stones over the Beatles, but on kale k. l. o. s. the classic rock station on the weekends. They play like a Beatles to like double shot or whatever. Or they have like Beatles mornings on like Christmas needles with the Beatles, but Brown sugar man. All the stones that I was never a huge Beatles guy, but they played some of the catalog where I was like, ooh, sergeant Pepper's yet it because I wasn't a big the Rolling Stones. As far back as I would go musically as far as actually listen to. But recently, maybe like a year ago, I was listening on that breakfast with the Beatles and I was, I got some. That's some. That's some really good music have never flipped the right a radio on a Rolling Stone zone. I can't say that with the beetle, right? Yeah. Other it owns around, I'm gonna. Listen..

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