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Folks. Listen to me. This is a setup for me as far back as twenty fifteen the tr- now, by the way, another thing. I'm sorry. But now does the. Does the multiple dossier story makes sense now? Victorian Newland and others in the Obama administration where testifying people from the State Department and others and in that testimony. It came out that the Trump dossier was not the only one. So I've said to you over and over that this is a big scandal. Because although the Trump team was targeted because they won the Republican primary and became the nominee. This is not just about Trump this effort by the United States to use any interaction with Russians by their political enemies, as as evidence of nonsense collusion charges goes back all the way to the twenty fifteen targeting of Mike Flynn at a dinner where some Russian woman shows up. And that information unbelievably use use against Flint, despite the fact, there's no evidence he did anything wrong. And the same spies keep showing up in their connected to our guys. While Brennan is meeting with the United Kingdom now also read the spectator pieces. Well, does it. Explain the panic about the declassification. Folks. The declassification of the FIS documents where they indicate apparently in these files of documents used to spy on Carter page how they got the information. They got right. That's going to be in there. The British are freaking out in the United Kingdom because they say it's going to expose sources and methods. Forget the methods. That's not what they're worried about. What the worried about is. They can no longer plausibly deny things. None of the names in that document or going to be new. When it's exposed Downer. How it's only the fact that the British are no longer going to be able to say they weren't an intermediary a third party. That was cleaning information from other sources to give it back to the United States US, the spy on Obama's political enemies. That's why they're panicking. It's no, it's no more difficult than that to understand the British now because it hasn't been declassified can say, oh, I don't know. Remember what patriot games that Jack Ryan movie, but Harrison Ford, plausible deniability plausible. At other words. Can I deny this plausibly the British can because the documents haven't been unredacted yet? They're still blackouts in them. What's the documents become public, and it was sworn to in a US court, and we're all reading the UK's involvement in this. The British are no longer going to be able to say they did not try to impact at American election by careering information into the US intelligence system from quotes other parties. The real scandal. Here folks to bring this all the way back to how I started. Is the Russians played us. All. And when I say also automating the listening audience, I mean, the five is intelligence outlets the Russians played all of them for suckers. They use this information. From Russian sources. I suspect one of them at some point. Based on may have come from people connected to Putin based on what I've already told you the Russians fed this information to friendly intelligence Albert's the United Kingdom, a Hillary Clinton's people fusion GPS, which was subsequently used to target American citizens to create a political schism in the United States that the Democrats knew about and instead of saying, hey, this is the Russians messing with. They said. Yeah, we know they're messing with us. But let's use it anyway because it makes Trump look bad. You did. Yep. Yes. Sir. This is bad news, man. All right. Got to get to this today show. Also brought to you by buddies brickhouse, nutrition, one of my favorite sponsors out there. I got an Email yesterday from someone asking me about their fruit and.

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