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Feel like I need a portal. You my father who's ninety four who basically doesn't use a computer at all and would never use a smartphone. Gets the best sent him. A coastal display or Google display nest nest hole. Max would be fine to either one of those I can. I set it up here for entirely beforehand because it's got to have a wife's go join us but I know his WIFI password. No won't do it unless you're on that network you have to spend. I can't change. My wife is white so this sometimes get I. Did this actually to get into my Tesla. Once it didn't work theoretically could change your ssid on your phone to his home. Ssi and then change the password on your phone. Use Your phone as a hotspot. Set it up to him and it would just plug in join his network. You'd have to have a g mail account so you'll have to set up a g mail account for him but then you call him by his G. Milk caps. Same thing with the caveat I will give. You is do that the last step because I know that if I have left my google thing unplugged from a Wifi network for a long time and that was like two weeks. I think it was it. Did want me to reset it up. Can I don't know how long that is? And then trump says it goes by MAC address. I don't think you're right. Ps Chops because I routinely change routers. I'm trying different brands of Of Routers I always give them the same name. Which is why. My Orbi is now named plume because because it's always plume and Even though it's not a physical plume and it doesn't it says I. We're on the same Wifi as long as the sids password or the same. I don't think it's looking a MAC address. I know none of my dress. That's okay so it didn't wet my echo. All my devices in my google home devices will just kindly join the network regardless of what actual device? Oh sorry I just got an update that I asked for. I don't think they did it because I asked for. But I'm very excited. My Thermo Mex- would if I would turn it on but I'm too scared to use it so get on it. I keep thinking. Oh this is the perfect time. I'm stuck at home. I should watch all those videos. Let's take a break before stacey hits me you know you can't hit me in this office. Actually you're a little closer. You probably could just give me a his shot. I was like I could sneeze. I knew I to Jeff Excellent. We'll have more with stacy and Jeff in just a bit but first word from our sponsor I showed a brought to you by worldwide technology. It was actually worldwide. Technology has a soft spot in my heart was the last time I got an airplane for some time. We flew out to Saint Louis a couple of weeks ago to see their advanced technology center. I was blown away so many people know. Wwe It's an enterprise You know consultant supplier for enterprise hardware and software and has been around for more than a decade lot of customers have been with them ever since the beginning because they're just fantastic but over the last few years they have put together something that is like no other testing and research center in the world their advanced technology center. They started ten years ago. Half a billion dollars in equipment hundreds of OEM's and key partners ranging from the big guys the hi-tech heavyweights like Cisco and vm. Ware to disruptors like invidia. They have some amazing stuff from video in there. It's really really cool. There deep learning workshops. I'll get to that in a second so. Wwe trusted partner had been with you over the years They set the ATC upper initially so that their engineers could spin up proofs of concept or pilot projects for customers this ATC is where there's and I met a bunch of engineers affect the number of people came up to me said Leo. I'm doing this because a U. I used to watch you on the screen savers or whatever and I just feel like I was at home. It was really really cool. We took a tour of the ATC. They what's really cool about it? Is they have all this gear. And of course they're engineers use it but you can too you can too as wwe customer. They have on demand and schedule Bowl..

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Google, Jeff Excellent, WWE discussed on This Week In Google

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