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Services talking with my favorite other Bryan. Bryan Hayes who is the president of Hayes advisory group down in Kokomo, Indiana. And Brian is a financial adviser independent financial adviser through Brixton capital management as well. And we're covering the new year and the new rules do tax system, and and some contribution limits and changes and things it is time for our giveaway of the week. I have this week to ten dollar gift cards to Kroger was given those and I thought you know, what these will make good giveaway. So we've got the Kroger gift cards two of them. Ten dollars a piece I will pick two winners and send one gift card to each of those winners. And then I'll announce those winners in two weeks when I come back from fantasy camp hobble into the studio in and go ahead and and do another new program here. So if you'd like to be involved in the drying, please call our toll free number which is eight six six two four seven six six six. Three extension five zero to four or you can Email me. The Email address is Brian k b r I n k at a p financial services dot com. Now, Brian we've got with a tax law changes. There also was an update kind of call it inflation indexing, I guess, but the contribution limits the amount of money that you can put into IRA's in 4._0._1._K's and things has gone up this year to hasn't it? Yes. Good news for people who are still wanting to save for retirement. The contributions went up a little bit. So for traditional IRA and Roth IRA's they bumped the contribution amounts from fifty five hundred up to six thousand dollars. So for those people who are under the age of fifty can contribute six thousand dollars in twenty nineteen to their plan. And if you're fifty or older in two twenty nineteen you can contribute seven thousand dollars. 'cause the catch up is an additional thousand dollars have the opportunity to do that 4._0._1._K's for three Bs. Roth 4._0._1._K's all those contribution limits..

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