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That's my position what yours guess what you're in the middle of a stephen aced swift show podcast dare he has been radio is presented by progressives home insurance get your quote a progressive dot com today welcome back to stephen a smith show espn radio proximate thirty minutes past hour number two will have the one and only tedy bruschi the comfortable champa with the new england patriots he'll be on the show with us nfl insider for years p and as well but for now i'll get to the phones at eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six innovate say espn caulton and tampere you'll lavas stephen a what's up buddy will you hey hey so now stephen a smith slash new england patriots radio show i guess are called that i goods what's up buddy hey i'll let you want though not i'll let you want donor go ahead yeah you did ally i provide a little bit of balanced all the patriot hong you bring on your girl but passed off uh i find it distressing that nobody including you will cain and certainly not a mac keller meant who is a left wing lunatic brought up the fact today that no no billionaire in his right mind including daniel snyder or anybody else in the washington redskins organization are going to name their team after something they perceive to be delayed at toray w and in fact that the exact opposite paper they they believe that the redskins name a penny on our and college and loyalty and all those good things but what wing wound like max wants to believe that you know they name bear team after something that is derogatory poor mass you gotta take his shoelaces away from well lows we'll wait a minute wait a minute he has his believes but it's not like he believe they did it would be it with that intense it's just that once you find out the name is a.

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