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Seventy dollars seventy five dollars on my my my running backs okay came to running backs so maybe you budget out i'm going to spend forty five and thirty that for the to running back spot emily fiber sharia yet at seventy five inches of ice at seventy bucks sorry 75 yeah that's what i thought it 75000 told there would be no math learn i'll let him continue okay in other words i so you you do that and then let's say you wish on mccoy comes up and suddenly you get him for thirty eight now you've got two extra dollars to play with four you know until you can just it's an easy what is sort of keep track of how you are how you're doing and where he sort of wanna budget but let's say late eleven bell comes up in you get him for fifty two now all of a sudden you dirt twenty now you're twenty you've you're right exactly so so matt i personally am a fan of that's the sort of setting that up in general this year i want to spend my money on running backs i would spend money on one wide receiver one elite wide receiver but i think wide receivers pretty deep i would go super cheap on quarterback this year um i would spend one dollar on a kicker one dollar on a defence i have no problem with going one dollar untied in i either want to be in on one of the elite guys you know a a grant a read a in on olsen kelsea i consider graham in that tear or i want like give me a twodollar tight end with you all the way through there in one of the approaches that you sort of reference there matthew but it's very popular and the phrase has been coin stars and scrubs right is idea that like you.

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