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And he said feels great, you know, but people like hinder, you know, they start off really slow, and they kind of low people into it. And then they start cheating. And you know, that's kind of funny because he gets his Motors from them. So it's probably not best to talk bad about the. Yeah, he's going to be down fifty plus horsepower. Right. Plus every motor will blow in the in the planes, new batch of engines, K L, they look good. They got Dell dinner mayonnaise coming around. They're all Greece. Dump real nice like building a lube. He's up for you. All the best helman's. That's right for our engines. Yeah. So that was interesting. So a few hours after that. He immediately went to Twitter posted the iphone note that was very long basically saying he didn't mean to do that too. Didn't mean to use those words in mean, they actual cheaters they just find innovative ways of coming on strong as the season goes along. I miss iphone notes. I went Android awhile back, and there's nothing out there, like just note, Pat, and I used it a lot should I switch just for the no pad again. I mean, I think you should switch back. Anyway. I don't know why you left I like the phone. That's good. But it does miss having my messages with you. What's wrong with texting? It's just not the same your bubbles, blue or green. And what who cares what color? You know, I had a friend who actually complained about that to me not you either someone else like so I would have known. It was me. I was the point. This is the first I'm hearing that you're angry about it. So I'm not really angry about it. But yeah, you sound angry. All right. The west coast wing begins this weekend from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Then it's on undefeated ISM raceway and wraps up out there in Fontana California auto club speedway three very different racetracks coming in at one point five miles than one mile and finally two miles respectively. So should be interesting to see you know, I thought the new aero package the season began in Atlanta. But no, no scratch that everybody. Now says it starts this weekend at a Las Vegas. So I'm sure when things go awry, it'll be Phoenix. Because that you know that somehow a short-track now, which I've never understood. So anyway, that's what you have to look forward to in the coming weeks, you listener people just a bunch of excuses. Yes. Every week. It's going to be now. No it starts. Now. No starts at Indianapolis to be honest to be totally wanted percents. Yep. The land package was not the full package. Okay. So instead of the aero ducts they had break decks, which will change the way the air hits the cars and things and how they can suck up on each other in the draft. Secondly, Atlanta has a very abrasive surface. So only the best teams would really have a really good long run car, still, right? Even the competition is closer the really high budgeted teams would be the ones that would have the the handling package will be able to take care of that. So I really do think we will say closer racist week in bagasse and is not just because I'm saying that like NASCAR. And we want this to do well because the show gets ratings when NASCAR does. Well, I really think we will see a closer race this week. Now, will it be what we want it to be. I don't know. But if the crowd, by the way, it was pretty decent Atlanta. So that was good. I was glad to see that. It was in Atlanta's been a very bad looking crowd last you season. So that that is very encouraging. I have heard that the spoiler isn't is going to go up to ten feet at Vegas. Ten feet. of spoiler. Wow. Better hope that it doesn't like drag the catch fence turns. Yeah. Well, that's one of the problems. They're addressing might even take out. You know, the the cable camera that they have their ninety middle. See when Mike helton's pulling them over on pit road. That's well half of its clear. So right. So he's got five foot of spoiler. They are lightning McQueen like anyway..

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