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My friend sophie ass. Why does also go by liz. Because when i change schools fourth grade. I went to the sunset hill school. And there was another girl in the class named liz berkowitz and i don't remember lisburn us and i had always been elizabeth but everyone just started calling me. Liz craft and her. Liz burke and i have been liz ever since so our family though still caused elizabeth elizabeth. Yes and the funny thing. Is i always call elizabeth elizabeth on the podcast that all listeners referred to elizabeth as liz get that she's actually lives out in the world and how that happens. I think is a big mystery. Well i think it's partially because my instagram handle is atlas craft. Okay there you go there or they listen to happier in hollywood or they listen to lose their. You also have a couple of last names sending package. I'm like i hope. They know she could be going through like doing business as many many different than what. My monogram is always a question. My friends my mom friends referred to me as lc. Sarah says. i have a super random question for gretchen. Have you ever thought about getting lay sick or any other form of laser eye surgery. I know many people who have had great experiences with lay sick. I know culpable have not had a great experience delays. I am so so nearsighted so incredibly nearsighted that i would never do anything that could even potentially affect my eyesight so no i had one person described a smell to me and that was dealt for okay jeans says elizabeth does living in la. Worry you think about moving there and have many friends there. But when i read about fires. Earthquakes high temperatures and drought. I think maybe it's not a good idea. Yes gene i do worry about living in la. I remember my friend. Tisch lived in northern california. And they were all the fires. And i thought she was absolutely insane and now here i am living in california but i love it so much. It's also really where. I have to be for my job so well i do worry about it. I can't imagine leaving because it's kind of paradise with traffic and fires earthquakes and aside from that side from living through a disaster movie. It's paradise okay but there was just an earthquake right in my neck of the woods. I have a friend who lives in massachusetts. She's like oh my gosh i think i was just in. An earthquake. Like in cambridge senator. Debbie has a question for both of us. She is an upholder from london and ass discount philly being on the lookout for ways to be happy. Ever make you unhappy That's a good question doesn't make me unhappy doesn't make me happy. I feel like it's fun. It's energizing yeah. It gives us a little projects constant project. Yes and i think that we also both except that we do feel negative emotions. It's not like you. Or i tell ourselves or each other that we're not allowed to feel sad or angry or disappointed or guilty or whatever we experienced those emotions. We talk about those emotions. We don't hide from that. No no garage and i will say the number one question that anybody asked me about you because of course i meet people who've read your books and are very interested in you and they always say. Is she happy as she really happy or is that just you know just acting happened long on and i always like she is really happy. You know she's normal but she's really happy. Yeah and also doing. The podcast makes us happy in such a huge way. You know that part of that especially for you is looking for ways to be happier so you say live in. An atmosphere of growth is kind of the ultimate in be key to happiness. And i do think podcast. Ads just an ongoing weekly atmosphere growth to our lives. That makes us really happy. And then we do those things and they use. They often do make us happier. So it sort of will yes cycle. Like walk twenty twenty. It was like my gosh. We found this idea that we did it and made us happier because every else happy that makes us happy. It's it's great so the search for happiness. Does that make us unhappy. Now we've answered your questions. We have two questions for you. We've been asking these because we're gathering together. We are going to do a deep dive into success. Stories from wok. Twenty and twenty. So if you've had a great experience with your twenty and twenty this year please let us know because we're going to share those kind of get people fired up encouraged and give them ideas for how to move forward. We also want to hear your ideas for how you're going to exercise twenty twenty one ritual. Can you perform to exercise. twenty twenty. Maybe it is burning your yoga pants. It is getting rid of that. Sour dough starter. Whatever it is we want to know. We're looking for ideas. Yes we want to hear from you and you can always ask us questions. This was a whole very special episode but we answer listener questions all the time. Let us know an instagram twitter facebook. You can drop us an email. At podcast at gretchen rubin dot com as always you can go to the show notes for this episode. This is happier. Cast dot com slash. You guessed it three hundred for everything related to this episode and the resources for this week if you would like to potentially win assign personalized copy of my best selling book. The happiness project you can enter by following my instagram account at gretchen rubin like the giveaway post and comment on the post tagging three friends. If you win. I will send you assign personalized book and this is for. Us readers only allows because of mailing costs and again. Don't forget that registration is now open for the happiness project experience ever wanted to do a happiness project experience. Join.

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