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In you're going to see in state after state after state evil the fall the model of judge roy moore alexia pain is challenging the son of dean heller in about as a republican primary next year down it's on kenyan joins us now i think we have an incredible opportunity kelly ward believes and secure our southern border in building a wall killing ward believes kelly ward believes in negotiating tough trade deals that represent you the american people moon amid along the moon number this started with the tea party movement really in the spring of two thousand nine in in in the permanent political class which just as much republican as it was democrat and obviously the democrats have a much more progressive agenda and much more progress a social agenda but the republicans were at the epitome of what the of what the swamp is and so i think when things at breitbart was able to do was really be a a convening authority and somebody could galvanize as a new service to start to do stories had never been done before in put a spotlight on the republican establishment and he's at this point and the democrat recruiting people to run for office different aspect against parking pass would against fellow republicans his aim is very clear he wants to decimate the part of the republican party but started out as never trump and continues to resist and criticize and in some cases undermined the president's agenda so the establishment yes the political establishment but more specifically the republican party leadership although phase one is trump's election his face to the conservative populace takeover of congress yes absolutely it's it's it's it's the is the now start to take over these institutions so yes mitch mcconnell has to go tell me about how steve bannon talks and thinks his overall demere which he comes really clear in this interview in in your interactions with him even before.

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