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Outcome in that game. Didn't look like it was affecting Philip Lindsey until he got his bell rung. I mean, that guy was gouging for yards. He's the real deal. He is. The Reald deal meant every time I watch him play. It's clear to me that he is the best running back on the field, averaging 8.8 yards of carry. Come on, man. That guy's that guy's the real deal, and then you want Gordon run and it it feels like he's a power runner, and he's going to be good at some point on short, a short yardage and golden situations whenever we get there. Ah, in the next years old when he doesn't feel like, um, you know, outside of that run that we had against the Jets that he's Really moving the needle mean it's just just does not feel right now. I don't know what else to say. No. Then you saw me on Belle carry the ball and you were just like, Oh, it just makes me angry. I have so many notes from this game. And how about this? The chief scored every way possible in a football game, they score offensively with rushing touchdown, a passing touchdown. A score defensively with Ah return for a touchdown, and then they scored on special teams with the return for a touchdown. That is the whole shebang there, buddy. You're gonna lose that's Ah, that's called a very well rounded football team, you know, and there's a There's a reason, you know. They beat us in every category. They beat us in every category. There are many world champions and there's a whole bunch of reasons why, and you know it was interesting because He's having a discussion with my son yesterday and You know when you look at pat from our homes who was under duress? Our defense was in his chili. The whole game. Our defense was in his chili, the whole game. You want to know what the difference is between patch Mahomes, Andrew Luck. Bachelor homes, just dusted it off and went back there and looked as comfortable as he's ever looked. He never looked like he was uncomfortable, even though he was under duress. Where drew luck a times? Just it wasn't plain loose. He was playing extremely tight and always looked like he was uncomfortable. There were some times where I thought, Oh, my goodness that looks like the Peyton Manning happy feet going on back there. Which, by the way, Peyton controlled. That was part of Peyton's cadence. His happy feet was part of his his deal his his bouncing around. That was the deal. Yeah, right. Drew like it looked like a sense of humor.

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