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On The number of Americans getting covid vaccines is dropping, and that's bound to be a disappointment for the White House data shows. The U. S. Is now highly unlikely to meet President Biden's goal of getting 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July, with officials now saying more than 15 million folks will need to get a shot over the next four weeks to make that dream a reality. And a whole new group of Americans could soon be eligible for the shots. Pfizer is now giving us an in depth look at their new testing practices as they administer the vaccine. Two kids ages 5 to 11, with even younger test subjects to come. The CDC recently reported that Covid cases involving teens are on the rise nationally. But Dr Anita Curie, in with MetroHealth in San Antonio, says they're not seeing the same trend locally, Obviously seeing a trend similar to national national trend, um I would say no, she says just over 23,000. Teens between the ages of 12 to 15 have received the shot in Burke County. She says the 20 to 29 year olds continue to see the highest positivity rate in the county. The CDC is making it easier for people vaccinated against covid to travel again. A total of 62 destinations are no longer deemed very high risk for covid that includes Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, all listed at level three. Those who have not gotten a shot are still urged not to visit. The CDC also advises against all travel to level four countries such as Brazil, India and Iraq. Royal Caribbean Cruises are no longer requiring you to show proof of getting a covid shot. Originally, the cruise line did plan on making it mandatory that both crew members and guests be fully vaccinated before boarding their ships. However, with both Florida and Texas passing similar laws banning businesses from requiring vaccine passports, Royal Caribbean is now strongly recommending their guests get the shot. They plan on returning to the U. S this month to set sail. Meanwhile, Carnival Cruise Line says it's still reviewing legislation recently passed in Texas as it plans to set sail out of Galveston starting July. 3rd. President Biden is flying to England this morning to start an eight day international trip. He'll meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tomorrow before the G seven summit begins Friday. He'll later take part in the NATO summit and sit down with his Russian counterpart before wrapping up his first foreign trip as president. Before heading back to the United States. Vice President Kamala Harris relate her takeaways from Guatemala and Mexico. The vice president said her visits to the two nations underscored an overarching theme that has cost to surge in migration. The problem at the border In large part is not entirely stems from the problems in these countries. She says. The agreement struck over two days will help economically ushering in an interdependent era. What happens abroad? Matters to the people of the United States. Vice President Harris did commit to visiting the southern border, but said this trip to understand root causes had to happen. First. A new report outlines massive security failures during the January 6th attack on the capital. The bipartisan report from two Senate committees notes a total failure of leadership by commanders of the Capitol police. Along with the lack of proper preparation. Federal intelligence officials are also criticized for failing to adequately warned Capitol police about a potential for violence. On January six, An angry mob of Trump supporters stormed the capital after easily breaching police security lines following a massive rally held by the former president near the White House. The Capitol police chief and the sergeants at Arms of the House and Senate were forced to resign after the attack. The assistant chief of the Capitol police resigned from his post on Monday. At least 800, members of an organized crime around the world have been arrested after getting snagged by what they thought was a secure messaging APP. Turns out it was really a product of the FBI, the FBI helping to snack hundreds of criminal gang members around the globe after the criminals were tricked into using a phone encryption APP run by The feds, which was used to track the suspects as they plotted their crimes. Law enforcement officers in Australia and New Zealand unveiled their operation known as Trojan Shield this week and according to published reports, Australian Federal police say the APP helped to make arrests and over a dozen countries and divert 21 murder plots, including one That would have targeted a family of five about 32 tons of drugs were also seized in the operation. Texas authorities are searching for an 18 year old woman and her baby who were reportedly kidnapped. The Corpus Christi Police Department says Jezebel Zamora was kidnapped yesterday afternoon with her one year old baby. An amber alert was issued after a witness reported seeing Zamora's ex boyfriend, identified as 24 year old Christian Garcia forced her and the baby to leave with him against their will. Police believe the woman and child are in danger. Garcia has active warrants for murder and aggravated robbery. The three were last seen in a white Cadillac Escalade with Texas plates. Egg is placing purchasing limits on chicken wings. As of this week, customers are limited to two packages of fresh and frozen wings per visit. A spokesman for the San Antonio based grocery giants as the limit isn't affected at all. Stores increased demand for wings over the past year, together with labor shortages brought about a.

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