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Came. Yeah yeah these are. these are fun. I like a lot. There is aloke books. I love books all right. So should we get to this issue. Doing quit putting it on. So yes name. More forty eight name. Or the sub mariner number forty eight star blast. Does it have a number on that cover star blazers at just a empty circle can't look secure something in there but i can't tell can you see because i'm reading digital tonight Screen just looks like a like a gray marble or a. I don't think there's an actual number their kidney san antonio fifty what order name of forty forty eight. Forty eight of fifty on this cover. What are you talking about. It could still be this. Looks like a nine rotate. It looks like an inverse nine in trouble. Seen on the ipad. screen here Yeah maybe yeah not on zoom zoom and it might be in line so i wonder according to us. It's our ten south off. Okay well that makes sense then. Yes oh yeah they. More forty eight star blast martin nine or ten who knows March nineteen ninety-four into the lack of this All right all right get ready. Ben grimm moments ago the mighty sub mariner and his partner. Walter newell were rescued from a watery tomb by the invisible woman in her teammate. The ever loving blue eyed thing now possess by a mind controlling skull hugger. The things mission has shifted from salvation. The condom condemnation condemnation still time to pick up for number three that three eighty five or will story saying we haven't gotten the three eighty six epa if. Hey we're trying to we're trying to sell some missiles. Crossover kids so yeah go. Pick up for him Glenn hurdling writer geoff. Isherwood artist michael higgins lederer gil gomez oliver colorist mike rock. What's editor ralph macho group editor. Tom the focus don't own nickname editor and chief. So just how fun. This sir zan. Look all ears. You're more hits the wall My vision my visible projectiles. I'm no effect on that creature. Attached his head where we've been something else. Quick way those two are going at it will destroy the shipping slash. Walter listened to me. I will carry my adversary to the airlock. Once we are inside you must flood the chamber. No you can't ben. we'll drown. Richardson scuds adapter of physiology. To superior earned. I hope no things like throw name more china the ocean. This is not going as planned. I had hoped to achieve an easy victory in my own environment but this skull but this is the skull huggers environment to kicks ben in the face. My only hope is the rest. The creature from ben grimm's head neptune's beard he perry's my every attempt to remove the offending hits. If i could just take him unawares wait what to madness. The skull huggers dislodged by itself. A looks like it's getting lower not ended up by itself named it. I had to lend it invisible helping him. I love the look in bankruptcy. Healing is losing the ability to breathe. Susan did not allow its tendrils to attack you next Don't worry about me to get it away from. Ben i will deal with the symbian while you attend your comrade now that the skull huggers removed he is succumbing to the pressure. It seems to be squeezing his internal through that laceration on his face where he was cut by warring the for worry and visible horsfield should the trick that is the to disasters. We have managed to avert as name ripping that skull hunger apart. We make a pretty good team. Don't we name more. I've always hold firmly to that believes susan richards. Yeah he has. And i don't think he was roping scholar apart. I think he was Shocking it up. Got where you were going man i. He wants to shock with susan richards Minutes.

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