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The background of Williams and full strength that's gonna land on the baseline. Riverside go soak your feet to the back end of Williams Williams dates 24 Girls soccer moves into the final and you have to say the better player. One of the day Australian Open radio is Naomi Osaka closed at a 6364 win over Serena in their semifinal. Williams last major title is now four years ago we mentioned in our one she left her post match press conference in tears after being asked one more question about her sloppy play today. Oh, um I don't know. I'm moved under. But again, That's not about the question. It's about the disappointment of missing out on a major title Once again. Osaka now faces American Jen Brady for the title on Saturday and know that joke of it with a straight set win over US Lan. Correct seven in the men's Sami's 14 years in $340 million that the reporter commitment the Padres and shortstop Fernando Totti's junior making Is the third richest deal ever in baseball history but is a record for a pre arbitration player. No more baseball for Tim Tebow. He announces retirement yesterday after 287 games in the Met system. And the Blue Jays just confirm their first two home Stan to the coming season will be at their spring training park in Dunedin, Florida because of Canada's covert restrictions. It's 20 wins in 21 games for the Jazz after a 1 14 96 victory at the Clippers, who are still playing without Kawai Leonard and Paul George. The Blazer win streak up to six after a 1 26 1 24 W in New Orleans. And the Wizards have their first three game win streak since December of 2018 beating the Nuggets 1 31 28. The Hawks, meanwhile, have won one in a row. For a young brings it back up. Pray in the middle. Pray all boil on three. Good. Oh, you've gotta be kidding me, Trey. 27 points for Trey unlocks lead by 7 190 Woman on Hawks Radio Trey Young 40 points in a 1 22 1 14 victory in Boston ending A four game skid. College shoots number 22 Layla, Chicago Sidestep Valpo 54 52 number 23, Kansas A 59 41 win at K State. It's a school record. 13 consecutive losses for Kay stayed and Oiler Center economy. David Career Point number 500 in a three to win over Winnipeg, he got there in Game number. 3 69 the exact number it took Sydney Crosby, D a back to you. Interesting, stat. Okay, good stuff. When we come back, you're on the show. Fernando Taxis already got 340 million reasons to stay in San Diego for the rest of his career. We shall discuss will jump in a phone calls and tweets as well. Next, D,.

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