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We're not GONNA have that this year and it's a it's a major bummer. And I hope and I don't think this'll be the case so I do hope since Cole Anthony is kind of in the same discussion different player. Obviously but man it would really just be dagger of Carolina Season Carolina took a predictably bad loss. Just in terms like they weren't close against Gonzaga on Wednesday. Stay night like if we look up a month from now in Carolina's like barely treading water at five hundred or even under five hundred it. Would it would suck doc if Anthony has decided you know what we're not GonNa make the tournament. James is already done this. It's a knee injury for me. I'm just coming back DOC. I showed what I do certain extent although I will say anthony has not been efficient. He's been needed. He's been a high volume player. He's got you know a good good ceiling but also a low floor. Let's hope that history does not repeat itself on this specific front with him. But I can't say I'm James Wiseman and I and I think we fortunately I'm interested to hear what what Peres says about all this as well. 'cause you know we can poke fun. It has Talking so much about Memphis on the podcast. But he's he's tied in there he's plugged in and his stance on this what I think we'll be his stance. I'm happy to see that. The general public has evolved in this dance the sports following public over the past decade. Like get this happened. If James Wiseman situations details were the same happened in two thousand seven and he did this. I think you'd see a lot. More people criticizing criticizing him for the call including sports writers. You're not gonna see that as much because of the fact that the incident in its rules on amateurism in restricting James Weisman's earning power to its maximum capacity. Essentially right. Now we've moved past that point so I don't think you're gonNA see many people going after wiseman and they and they shouldn't over also also. That's you know that's my initial take on this literally in the moment as this is all this is unfolding in real time on a Thursday Thursday afternoon just three games. He was awesome in the three games. Though by the way I mean if he had been able to even remotely keep up his pace he would have been the national freshman of the year. Li listen to this one forty three point five offensive rating. That's that's a joke. Seventy six point nine percent effective field goal percentage seventy six percent shooting you. Shooting percentage was grabbing twenty six percent of Memphis defensive rebounds when he was on the floor and twenty one percent of his offensive rebounds shot eighty percent from two point range and by the way. Ah Pretty Solid Foul shooter as well seventy percent. They lose that how the team reaction going forward. We'll be interesting. I gotta believe that the players have known for a little bit. Maybe the earliest Thursday morning. But I don't think that this was all dropped on them out of nowhere as well it'd be interesting to see who wiseman ultimately signs with and and where he winds up going in the trap but that's that's a conversation for down the road and we'll touch on this more again gotta have parish get his word in the plan I believe still as parish flies over over the middle of America right now on his way to Las Vegas is still do a podcast late Thursday night east coast time now. The reason why I I am doing this right now is unfortunately I have been dealing with Physical known as pure form syndrome. So a lot of people probably don't know what second 'cause I didn't even know what it is a long story short. I can't go to Vegas because I can't endure sitting on an airplane for five hours I've got I've got a muscle. In my in my left buttocks that is pressing down on my Sciatica and good God it is so so painful so it was a an excruciating call to not go to the CBS sports classic. I held on as long as I could and did not even make that decision until Thursday morning I wanted to be there wanted to see. GP wanted to do couple in-person podcast and IT'S A. It's a frequent coincidence that I decided not to go to you. Know try and get better. And oh by the way if you've had this and you have stretching coaching or exercise recommendations. Email me tweet me. I will hear anything at this point. I have seen a doctor. I just got massage. Therapy actually was. I was getting therapy for this when I walked in the door and I got the text message like crazy about wiseman and I'm like okay. What now did he get suspended again? Do we have do. We have now a season long suspension. I wasn't on my mind that he would actually opt to go pro but anyway so that is why I will not be in Las Vegas. Hope to be able to recover ever get stronger and better Quickly as soon as possible because my goodness I can I cannot sit for long periods and and standing and walking is even Even a bit of a chore there so that's just a little behind the scenes but to also explain why I'm not there but otherwise all is well. I think I'm going to wrap it up. I mean we're going we're go in your we're encroaching here on eighteen minutes. Just wanted to give you a quickie reaction for those. That are listening to this now. Maybe a little bit delayed and you got that next podcast in your cue fire it right up. Hope you guys enjoy it. We do want to try this season to give you win capable like if I'm out of pocket or Paris out of pocket one of us if if if a story line breaks and is of such an urgency like James Wiseman leaving we want to be able to deliver for you as soon as possible because we know you enjoyed. Okay thank you so much. So kind of a weird different flavor me riffing Solo here For Eighteen twenty minutes. I'm sure we'll have a situation Later the season where it's going to be the exact opposite in Paris is going to have to take the reins and we'll do that. But we basically want to give you a podcast to fulfil that tell you what we know what we feel about subjects in real time and this is a reminder minder please do rate and subscribe Apple podcasts are preferred preference. You can still submit questions. We're going to do those mail bags every single Wednesday so please submit. Get Your questions or if you've got a great comment we're still doing that for Sunday night. Appreciate that as well and if you use a different service and there is a rating and review system do that let us know and we'll seek those out not as well but that's what we have for now. We'll talk to you later Thursday. I anticipate at the absolute absolute latest Friday morning. But I don't think that's going to be the case. I think we're going to try and turn this one to give you another podcast on Thursday night Okay and by the way we also have breaking news that Michigan State Senior Guard. Josh Lankford who has not played yet this season because of foot issues that have gone on for more than a year. At this point he is not going to play this season at all. Tommaso told reporters after after Michigan. State's practice on Thursday. That Langford had foot surgery. I'm recalling correctly. I think he went to New York for that. I'm calling that from memory Lankford stun. That's an issue college basketball. Stop the ride. I WANNA get off. This is turning into quite the busy Thursday. But that's another piece of news that will frankly we're also going to get to that on the next podcast regardless GP does the shouts. So I'm GonNa Kinda let that be his thing and I'll just wrap up here. I'll be back with shortly. Thanks for listening be sure described and I'll talk decent yeah..

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