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P. are we any closer to finding a cure for cove in nineteen there's a new glimmer of hope in the push for a vaccine I spoke via Skype with the Washington post science reporter Carolyn Johnson on what we learned today Massachusetts biotech company called mature non reported some very early but encouraging results from their first small safety trial in people so it totally lit up the stock market everyone got excited how did Madonna study work what were signs is looking for after the vaccine was administered so this is a safety trial primarily they're looking for any adverse effects like fever or any kind of reaction to the vaccine but they did of find and they had eight patients who received boastful low and medium dose and they had it levels in their blood a month and a half later of an virus neutralizing antibodies and this is a sign that they may have immunity it's a sign not a guarantee how many more people would have to be useful more trial runs to nail this down that this is a factor of on a grand scale we need a lot more testing before they can say anything about whether it works so this was kind of like an early hint and a good that tends to keep on going but already an internet has approval to start on a larger trial with six hundred people in it which will begin to test more rigorously whether it's effective or not and after that they've announced they're going to do a much larger trial with thousands of people in it in starting in July so we'd still have a ways to go any possibility about when this mode journal vaccine could become available if it's approved for public use the White House has been trying to speed up vaccine development so that they stink hundreds of millions of doses could be available by the end of the year other experts have had some doubts about whether that's really reasonable but it certainly is a goal so much depends on what happens in the next few months so if during this larger trial there are a lot of cases in the group that doesn't get the vaccine like they might get enough data very fast get a signal that it's effective in the fall but it's also just very much up in the air right now so everyone shooting for by the end of the year as early as possible really but it's hard to know to predicted date right now again that's a Washington post science reporter Carolyn Johnson via Skype eleven forty three here on WTOP Republicans will not hold a virtual convention this summer RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel saying today that there probably would be some in person element to the events but she told reporters it's too soon to know exactly what their convention will look like the GOP convention is set to take place in Charlotte was rescheduled to late August because of the pandemic Democrats also have yet to finalize their convention plans for the summer do you want to vote in the primaries Maryland wants to remind you that registration deadline is may twenty seventh eligible voters can submit an application on the state's online voter registration system but it's got to be in by eleven fifty nine PM that Wednesday the twenty seventh the primary is June second will mostly be done through the mail because the pandemic and that is a first one month after a federal judge ordered the DC jail to improve health safety conditions during the covert nineteen crisis the number of cases as apparently explode when the judge ordered DC's department of corrections to do more cleaning in DC jail and make physical distancing improvements to limit the spread of Colbert nineteen five inmates were sick the ACLU says that number has ballooned to one hundred eighty a twenty five fold increase and that makes the risk for inmates over thirteen times greater than the rate of infection for the general population the ACLU wants the judge to immediately appoint an expert to help determine which residents should be released to thin the population enough so the DC corrections can abide by CDC guidelines will log in staying WTO Pinos William and Mary has named the first African American dean to run its law school Williamsburg Virginia schools saying the new dean will be a Benjamin Spencer and nationally renowned civil procedure and federal courts expert he's currently a law professor at the university of Virginia Spencer graduated from Harvard Law School holds a master's from the London school of economics he got his bachelor's at Morehouse College sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda read eleven forty five here's George Wallace well everybody still trying to figure out what the new normal will look like in college sports Maryland athletic director Damon Evans on ESPNU radio does think that there will be a fall sports in some form this year I don't know if it's going to be modified some format as it relates to how we're going to push the start date are we going to have a different type of season whether it operates only we are or what have you so I'm gonna say this I'm gonna remain cautiously optimistic about it starting on time but to be prepared to Jackson and that as far as the professional ranks California New York and that Texas also getting ready to welcome professional sports back in Texas governor Abbott announced the state will allow professional sports return on may thirty first without fans governor Newsom in California said June first teams can begin to play on the professional level without fans and governor Cuomo in New York said he's as professional sports teams to begin planning to play in the state again said New York is ready for such a return without fans in attendance Redskins wide receiver Cody Latimer appeared in court on multiple felony charges stemming from an incident early Saturday morning in which he is accused of threatening a friend with a gun in discharging his weapon after an argument at a poker game college basketball Brenda Frese gets a six one guard Tyson because lava from Russia play the prep academy has four years of eligibility remaining toward walls to be to be sports just ahead after traffic and weather what will travel look like in the months ahead we spoke with a travel expert about what the future holds eleven forty six now a message from our advertising partners a crop Metcalf the.

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