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Weren projects sports. And whatever i welcome back to the show and By the way sends oilers again tonight. Seven o'clock I shouldn't say tonight people listen to this all the time and i'm constantly trying to figure out when they're going to pick the day thursday april eighth seven pm. That's when they play their next game. Do you think the oilers will run the table. Will they finish it off at nine ano- eventually you would keep betting on ottawa right. Murphy's law sti murphy's law here's what's going to happen tonight okay. I'm betting the farm on the orders. Really they are absolutely steve going to drill ottawa. They're absolutely going to drill them. They got no chance. They're licking their chops. So josh norris who. He's a rookie for the sends in his quote was Bordering on calling shot. You're eight and against the edmonton oilers and sends rookie. Josh nora says this it's been a long year against them but we can't go goose eggs against them the whole year. So i think we'll find a way to get one on thursday and play a good game for sixty minutes. I like his optimism. Mean they certainly got all the incentive in the world. You're a professional you're used to success and this has got to be Even the sends rebuild state. This has got to be a little embarrassing. Eventually when our when when edmonton Gets close to locking up a playoff spot check. What are the standings stephen. The north With got twenty fifteen to twenty games left. You wonder when because of this really odd schedule it's so compacted they're talking about you. Know the teams that are going to power through this thing. Mentally emotionally are going to be able to handle all this you know hopefully no injuries you wonder when edmonton does get close to locking up spot. Which they're they're getting there now. They have the right now. They've got if you can believe it. They've already got a fifteen point. Lead on the canucks who are in fifth so right arrow their lock as as are the leafs and the jets. so if you're coaching edmonton steve. And you've got As they call connor mcdavid. Hair the the faberge egg do not leave him alone. Boys okay let him do whatever he wants to do that. You're going to start to rest them a little bit. Stevie you know yeah you might might you see the others. Give him a night off. At least ibac is ice time. I think right injuries. So i wonder i wonder. I wonder like no one's setting records. You know they're going to be unofficial records all that shit because there's only fifty six games but if i'm coaching them You know i'm starting to look at that. I'm starting to look at that. The other reason to steve is you'll get you might get.

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